Top 5 Technology Trends: Which Will Transform the Mobile App Industry in 2020?


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We have reached a point in our lives when technology will redefine technology. Yes, we already have mobile apps up and running, and being used by many people. In fact, the numbers are rising by the day. Today, consumers rush to the mobile app when they want to entertain themselves, purchase products or, just to read up on something.

If the statistics are to be believed, 21% of the millennials tend to open an app at least 50 times a day. With a good number of smartphone users using mobile apps regularly, it is not surprising that this technology is evolving, and needs to be commanded by the other technologies.

In 2019, the focus of the mobile app has shifted from opening an avenue for the businesses to becoming user-centric. Today, mobile apps have become the need of the hour, and most importantly, the real-time need of the hour.

For mobile apps to grow more beneficial to the users, and ensure that they provide for the user’s needs, it is important that they incorporate these technology trends. With the addition of these technologies, the apps will grow stronger and help businesses achieve their goals.

#1 Artificial Intelligence

Today users want knowledge, information, and insights that make them capable enough to take decisions in real-time. however, that is not possible if there is not enough ability to understand, consume and interpret the data. That’s why you need to adopt artificial intelligence in your mobile app solutions.

This technology will not only understand the data that is available in quite a huge quantity but also interpret it using algorithms that are pre-defined through deep learning methods.

The algorithms are based on the machine’s ability to learn from past behavior and predict future behavior. With the availability of the right type of data, and the ability to define and interpret the data, it is becoming easier for the mobile apps to incorporate this technology, and make apps more user-centric.

Amazon has brilliantly incorporated AI technology. Today, the app also recreates the screen using AI technology.

Food apps have also curated favorite food items and specifically picked the food discounts and other aspects based on the past order history and food behavior exhibited by the customer.

In tandem with machine learning, you have plenty of scope with AI in your mobile app solution.

#2 Blockchain

The need for privacy, trust, and reliability has led to the inclusion of this technology in the mobile app world. You will see that with Blockchain, you are not only building in reliability, but also devising ways to protect the data, and prevent any kind of manipulation from happening.

The digital ledger, as the technology is known as, is publicly available, and is decentralized. The several nodes guarding the data are changed when a single factor is redefined in the chain, which means that you will never be able to change anything within the nodes without actually letting everyone know.

The transactions are transparent, so people won’t be wary of using smartphones to complete purchases or share their data. It is easier with Blockchain underlying as the technology guarding these smartphones.

#3 The Reality Scape: AR & VR

You live in a world commanded by the reality in the virtual space- namely AR and VR have critical duties in the mobile app world. They are redefining how space works and the consumers consume the data.

An excellent example of AR can be attributed to how IKEA allows you to design spaces by keeping the furniture in the reality space virtually, and understanding whether it will look good or not. So, you don’t need to buy the furniture to know whether it suits your purpose; you simply need to invest in some time online.

Apart from this, you can also use AR to create shopping lists, scan through the shop’s products and check out virtually. It has made shopping easier.

VR, on the other hand, has made viewing experience incredible. Watching sports with a stadium-like experience can be attributed to VR. Apart from this, you can also try dresses, jewelry, and know-how they would look on you with VR. The concept of reality has been redefined with VR and AR.

#4 Wearable

The wearable technology has been trending ever since it was introduced. You can see that every company has released its own wearable that allows users to stay fit, keep a check on their phone, and monitor various other activities. Defining your app for the wearable world is important, as it allows thorough connectivity.

One of the most prominent types of wearable app type is the healthcare variant. It allows people to check on their health, monitor BP and understand the other aspects of health without any consultation. Exercises can be monitored with this gadget and mobile app connected to it.

The mobile apps for the wearable are crucial as people are redefining their lifestyle and paying more attention to their health.

#5 Internet of Things

Till even last year this technology was in the nascent stage, and slowly being adopted. With 2019, this technology has received a boost. Several devices have been connected over the Internet, making accessibility easier and faster for the users. Now, whether the users are at home, office or outside, they are connected with the devices.

The smart home is no longer is a dream; it has become a reality.

One such way of getting the IoT connected to the mobile devices is Alexa, the virtual assistant. This excellent combination of the mobile app, virtual assistant or AI and connected device or IoT has enabled convenience in the lives of many.

Summing up

Each year, the mobile app world is swarming with technology trends that are maximizing the outcome and improving the benefits for the users. The main goal of improving technology is to increase accessibility as well as convenience for the end-users. However, it seems like the goals are getting higher, and the user demands are increasing with the evolution in technology, and the increase in the standards.

Security is obviously causing an apprehension among the users, even now, to use the devices for transactions. However, with the adoption of these technologies, life will become easier for the users as well as the companies, making almost everything accessible.

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Pradeep Makhija is a Digital Marketing Executive at Space-O Technologies, a mobile app development company. He likes to share his knowledge and experience with people around by writing articles related to the mobile app and the healthcare industry. In his spare time, Pradeep likes to explore and read more about the trends and needs of mobile apps in different sectors.


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