What Are The Top 5 Product Tabs Extension For Magento 2?


In the world of eCommerce, Magento is one of the most powerful tools. Since its beginning, over the years, it has become one of the most trusted and reliable platforms for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Any Magento user, mainly Magento 2 users, will tell you the platform’s success is because of the Magento 2 tabs extension.

We will not disagree with this, since the platform can boast of having a supremely rich Magento 2 product tabs extension. This Magento 2 plugin help optimize the store better, improve the website’s functionality, and offer higher ROI and enhanced customer service. Once you have migrated or installed Magento 2 as your eCommerce platform, you need to install Magento 2 custom product tabs.

Why Do You Need Custom Product Tabs?

We are all aware that the eCommerce market is one of the most competitive ones, and success depends on customer satisfaction. Therefore, optimizing the website’s content is vital, but the task is never easy.

With the product tabs for Magento 2 as the store owner, you can offer relevant information to the customers in a cost and time-effective manner. As a result, it eventually makes the customers’ journey easy and satisfying, which boosts the sale of the business.

Benefits Of Magento 2 Product Custom Tabs Extension

The Magento 2 product tabs extension are used in displaying various information and data about the products on the product page. All the information offered about the products increases the page’s usability for the customer. Apart from that, it also provides the following benefits:

  • Relevant content about the products is shown on the page for the target audience, increasing customer retention and even boosting the products’ sales.
  • Exhaustive product’s information can be added, decreasing the bounce rate while increasing the conversion rate.
  • Various widgets can be embedded in the tabs, thus saving space on the page and improving the user experience.
  • The extensions also allow the admin to create tabs for special requirements, and with pre-made tab templates, it is also time-saving.

Now that we understand why the Magento 2 product tabs are needed and their benefits, let’s dive into the article’s primary focus.

The Top 5 Product Tabs Extensions for Magento 2

Magento 2 had developed its product tabs extensions to ensure both the merchant and customer benefit from them. While there are quite a few product tabs extensions for Magento 2 in the market, our top five picks are here.

1. MageAnts

With the extension, the merchant can offer the customer a faster and more convenient purchase experience. In addition, the admin can add information about the products easily in the product tabs Magento 2 extension, thus allowing the company to offer maximum information to the customer.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced user experience with tabbed content
  • Product information can be customized
  • Offers dynamic content with the help of a custom tab

2. CynoInfotech

The custom tabs can be added to the content by the admin easily, where the customization does not require knowledge of programming. In addition, the admin can limit the visibility of the tab per user, wholesaler, login, and not login users.

Key Features:

  • Multiple tabs can be added for every product
  • Tab content can be added to HTML, text, images, static blocks, and video using the WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • One can change the tabs of the title

3. SwissUpLabs

The extension is free to use, with which you can offer a valuable customer experience by providing details of the products. However, the product tabs are also helpful in delivering compelling content about the website and other information using a powerful widget.

Key Features:

  • Avail mobile-friendly tabs
  • Avoid content duplicating with unset blocks shown in the tab
  • Show where the content is taken from, like static block, pages, CMS, etc.

4. MageSolution

The extension allows the admin to create unlimited tabs without editing the codes of the website pages. In addition, the seller can provide information on tabs like details, more information, and reviews.

Key Features:

  • Tab positions can be arranged on Tab settings
  • It supports multi-store views
  • Allows the admin to manage the product information system conveniently and with ease


You can direct the customers to the right page from the home page with the extension. Furthermore, it allows you to showcase the best-selling products, the discounted and other recommended products that can guide the customer to the relevant pages to increase the sale.

Key Features:

  • Product counts can be increased with the implementation of sliders
  • The product tab slider is available on the homepage by default, which can be moved to other pages
  • All options for the tab can be managed from the back-end configuration by the admin

Final Words

Why not use the Magento 2 Product Tabs extension to improve customer satisfaction by giving them the information they want about your store’s products? It is easy to use, and with us as your Magento 2 partners, install the extension now.

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