As we all know that upcoming Android OS version is 9.0 and Google has released the two developer preview for few of their devices. However, the full version of Android 9.0 is yet to be released however, Google has not released the official release date of upcoming Android 9.0 but as we know from all the leaks that new Android version will release within 3 weeks from now.

Android 9.0 is currently a hot topic among all the developers, tech lovers and also in users as everyone wants to experience the Android 9.0 features. Some big developers already tested the developer preview in their device but common android users don’t even know its features. Android 9 comes with inbuilt VPN so you can easily access 1377x Proxy

So, we decided to create an article for all of you, In this article, we’ll share the Top 5 features of Android 9.0. Read this article very carefully, if you want to know what android 9 has to offer you.

1. All-in-One Home Button

Android P is doing away with the virtual home and up to date apps buttons, exchange them with one, a little bar that mixes each function and a lot of. Taking an on the spot cue from the iPhone X, the new home bar performs multiple tasks, comparable to a tiny low swipe gesture that reveals the summary screen, showing all of your running apps. Of course, you’ll be able to still use the pill-shaped button to require you back to the house screen just by sound on it.

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2. Dashboard

One of the pillars of android P is customer’s eudaemonia. Google is making an attempt to safeguard its users from disengagement with the planet by providing them the tools to limit your phone usage. And this starts with what Google is asking “Dashboard, which can be accessible via the new “App usage” menu.

The dashboard may be a new menu possibility that shows you an inventory of all the apps you used for the day and therefore the quantity of your time spent at intervals every one. Google’s hope is that this data (along with subsequent tool in our list) can limit your phone usage. The dashboard can even track variety|the amount|the quantity} of times you unlock your device (a number which will surprise you with however massive it’s, trust us).

3. Shush Mode

Another new feature to shield your well-being is “Shush,” that is activated by inserting your phone on a flat surface, screen down. Once you conduct this gesture, your device can mechanically mute sound notifications and vibrations. In essence, it activates don’t Disturb Mode, except for everything — not simply hearable alerts.

4. Revamped App Drawer

Android P currently options a revamped app drawer that is guaranteed to create sorting through your apps plenty additional convenient. As you’ll see within the initial GIF on top of, once you swipe au fait the new pill-shaped icon, you see the multitasking read, however, you furthermore might see a row of often used apps at very cheap supported patterns detected by golem P’s increased computing.

If you swipe up an added time, you will jump into your app drawer. That row of often used apps can jump to the highest, and therefore the remainder of your app drawer is going to be beneath it. For people who are on android P however still see the 3 buttons at very cheap rather than the swipe up gesture, once you open your app drawer the conventional manner, you must still see most well-liked apps at the highest of the drawer.

5. Screenshot Editing

With android P, Google has finally leveled the enjoying field once it involves screenshots. With Apple introducing the feature in iOS eleven, you knew it absolutely was solely a matter of your time before Google brought the feature to Android. With android P, you’ll currently edit your screenshots like a shot when taking them. whereas the feature could be very little barebones at once, expect each Google and OEMs to make upon the feature in future releases.


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