Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2014


Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2014


Affiliate program has been a great strategy in the market. A program that is profitable for both seller and affiliate marketer. It helps seller to promote their products and publisher to earn revenue promoting their products. But different marketers have different mode of affiliate program, according to niche, price and budget. The publishers chose what suits them. Its one type of advertising, difference is that adverting programs don’t care if you got sells for your ad; but in affiliate, the publisher wants to increase your sells as he gets direct percentage revenue. So no promotions no earn. However today we will discuss the top 5 affiliate programs for publisher to earn. There are many such programs, but we have chosen the best 5. So start promoting and earn huge.
Before affiliate promotions, decide your niche and respect to that promote; as in an apple blog, promoting orange may be not profitable.


ClickBank is the one of the finest affiliate program serving from years. ClickBank is not a middle man type affiliate program; it not connects you to the third party websites, it sells its own products. It is the highest paying affiliate program. ClickBank recently launched their newest mode for affiliate marketing, ClickBank 3.0.Clickbank has largest no of advertiser and almost for all niches. ClickBank pays up to 50% commission per sale. So if you can promote digital products, ClickBank affiliate program is one for you .They have good tutorials and guides that you can earn even if you are a newbie.


Amazon is one of the popular and simple ways of affiliate marketing. It’s the largest program used by webmasters Amazon affiliate pays you for advertising and commission depending upon the product. Amazon will increase the advertising frees if you sell more than 6 products in a month. It has a toolbox by which you can customize and create a store with your selective products. Amazon has millions and millions of products, so you may get exact products for promotion comparing to your niche. So start promoting Amazon products on website, blog and social media platforms and generate revenue.


Unlike other affiliate programs, Freelancer pays you only for driving traffic and registering under your referral. And also the account under your referral must be a legit one. You will get $1.00 USD for inviting a friend. Freelancer also pays you 10% of the total project cost submitted by your referral after the completion of project. Think, you will get 100$ for a 1000$ project doing nothing. You can earn 90% of the project commission. They has banners, text links and other advertising units, choose the best one which will suit you and start driving traffic by promoting in social media and blogs.


Thememonster is a rapidly growing template, theme site which has an amazing affiliate program. Unlike themeforest it gives Flat 20% commission for each sale by your referral. So not just first theme, for all themes purchase by your referral, you will get commission. So you need to sign up at thememonster and get a unique referral code, put in on your blog, social account and get some referrals. Then sit down and enjoy with others purchase. For a 100$ purchase you will get 20$ doing nothing. This is the best affiliate program so far we discussed.


You may be aware of themeforest, the largest themes, templates and scripts network. This site is giving you will get 30% of the first cash deposited by your referral. You will get 6$ for 20$ cash deposited by your referral. All you need to sign up for a Envato account then generate a referral link for your account , then share the link wherever you want . But one thing, you will not receive the commission for second time deposit by any of your referral. So you how much you will refer, that much you will earn.
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