prank call

Prank calling your best buddies for that much-needed payback has never been easier to pull off thanks to prank calling apps. 

At a moment’s notice, you can fool friends by using a prerecorded prank call that’s been written and voiced for you or use a voice changer to transform your speaking voice entirely. 

With so many distinctive features that prank calling apps to offer today, there has never been a better time to fool your pals. We’ve narrowed down our top 4 best prank calling apps, each bringing something unique to the table. Check it out!

1. Fake Call Plus- Prank Dial App

Nothing says versatility like a good fake call app. While many possess the same function to schedule an incoming call, Fake Call Plus has a few additional features that make it worth-while.

Organizing an incoming call in an instant is highly useful in everyday situations. Since you’re essentially fabricating a call, you’ll be able to make up any prank scenario you wish on the spot. For example, impress your friends by pretending a cute girl is calling you or pretend you’re needed elsewhere with an incoming pet emergency.

Since taking over the phone to an imaginary person can be somewhat awkward for most, this app has the option to record your voice onto an audio file. This audio file will then be played during a call, allowing fake dialogue to flow more naturally.


  • Schedule a fake call to ring you instantly
  • Excellent design and UI, easy to use
  • Use different ringtones by importing your own

2. OwnagePranks

The OwnagePranks app has an enormous selection of prerecorded calls readily available to prank call your friends. Containing over 100 prank scripts with new ones added regularly, each is automated to play once you make the call.

Every prank script presents something unique, making it applicable to a variety of everyday scenarios. These include an angry woman threatening you to steer clear from her man and an uber driver expressing irritation because he arrived at your location too early.

Scripts are not only cleverly written, but the voice acting is also fantastic- a testament to how much detail went into creating this app.

This prank calling app also has a ‘Speech Recognition Technology’ AI that ensures conversations run smoothly. It does so by analyzing dialogue on the move, recognizing keywords, and detecting when there are silence periods.

The AI will then respond accordingly, mimicking the response times of a typical person over the phone.


  • Caller IDs are allocated, keeping yours hidden
  • Receive one new call daily
  • Calls are recorded you can listen straight afterward
  • Submit your best prank reactions to the Pranks hall of fame where the best submissions are featured

3. CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

With so many prank call apps available, some break the mold by providing distinct features. While prank calling others can be a lot of fun, being the recipient of one continually can be downright annoying.

If you don’t appreciate early morning calls when you have work, CallApp: Caller ID, Call Black & Call Recorder is a must-download. Cleverly designed to not only block spam calls it can also identify a caller’s phone number with a reverse lookup the moment your phone rings.

Quickly identifying Caller IDs enables you to recognize the caller on the other line promptly. It goes a step further by displaying facebook pictures that correspond with the Caller ID, in case you do not recognize the number. The app will also automatically record the prank call should you decide to answer, making it useful for providing evidence should you ever need it.


  • Identifies Caller IDs using a reverse lookup
  • Incognito mode- hides and erases all calling activity
  • Records incoming and outgoing calls

4. Call Voice Changer Allalog- Prank Calls

This Voice Changer is perfect for anyone who struggles to change their accent or voice during a prank call. If you have a distinct voice and can’t fool friends, now you can by using the transformation function to change how you sound instantly.

With these different sound alterations at your disposal, staying undetected during a call is effortless.

There are three primary modes which are Voice Changer, Background effects, and Choose an effect. Initially, you will first select the pitch of your voice ranging from low to high and then choose the exact sound modification you want to change your voice into. Background effects can also be included during a call, such as a cat meowing or a dinosaur.

What makes this a standout among other similar apps is you can make sound transformations during a call in real-time, continually changing how you sound. Most voice changers, in contrast, require you a prerecording first to apply sound modifications.


  • Every user gets one free minute and can win extra free minutes.
  • Wifi is not required, using your cellular internet connection instead to make prank calls
  • Preview how you sound beforehand by making a recording
  • Voice changes can be achieved during a live-call