Tethering is the common word used in Android networking to share your phone’s internet connection with other devices, say PC, other phones, tablets etc. Mobile data plans are cheaper than ever now and anyone can afford a decent data plan these days. So if you don’t have any separate data connection for your laptop/PC, don’t worry just share your phone’s data with these cool Tethering Android apps.

  1. 1. PDANet 3.50

Well, this is the prior app I would recommend you if you look for simplicity and friendly user interface. PDANet has been providing outstanding feature to the users with two connection modes.

  • USB Tethering
  • Bluetooth DUN Mode

In USB tethering mode, you can just connect your phone to the second device (here, the device you want access net) via USB data cable. While in second case, you don’t need data cable as the name says. It works on Bluetooth data transfer. But the limitation is that your second device must be Bluetooth enabled. However, USB dongles are cheaper than ever and you can easily grab one from the store. Simple. 😀

You have to download the PC version of PDANet separately in order to access the internet connection. Just install the apk file first and open. It will ask you if you want download the PC file. Click yes and proceed. Alternatively, you can also download the files from the official site.

Official Site Link

Download PDANet 3.50 from Play Store

2. Easy tether Lite

Easy tether is also an amazing application to share the data. Unlike PDANet, this app only has USB tethering, here lacks BT DUN sharing. However it it doesn’t make any issue because most of us prefer USB connection instead of BT commonly. This app requires registration to access SSL sites like Gmail, Facebook etc. There is a trick to register the app without purchasing.

How To Register for Full Version [Hack]

  1. Download the older version of Easy Tether Lite by googling.

  2. Install on your phone and open.

  3. Go to settings option and you may see the IMEI version of the phone as well as the unique registration code. Just note the code.

  4. Now uninstall the app and again download the latest version from HERE

  5. Now install and open. Go to settings and register with the code that you have noted.

3. Barnacle WiFi Tether

This is considered as the best wi-fi tethering application, it works perfectly and is free + open source. So no matter how much you use you are not going to be get charged for it, now its interface is also cool, so you will like it. You can even see how much data has transferred and how much you have received. So overall it’s a nice application for tethering your connection to any device, X-Box, Computer, Tablets, Linux anything.


Over To You

Hope you have enjoyed this share. Do let me know if you personally use any other top tethering app. Kindly share here an let others know. Also drop your valuable feed backs and queries below to get instant help.


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