Top 3 Industries That Have Been Revolutionized by Tech


In 2020 the tech industry was reportedly worth $4.8 trillion, and it’s not hard to see why.

Advancements in technologies such as virtual reality, data science, and artificial intelligence are changing the shape of the world and having a huge impact on the way that we live our daily lives.

It would be tough to find an industry that hadn’t been impacted by technology, but some have been transformed by the advantages that technology provides.

We’ll take a look at the industries that have been revolutionized thanks to technology.


Advances in technology have altered the way that we access healthcare.

Appointment scheduling tools mean that we can book an appointment to see our doctor with ease, which helps more people to access care when they need it. It’s easy to get put off when you know you’ll have to wait on hold for a long time!

Medical treatments have also been revolutionized by technology. For example, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) allows data from medical devices to be shared across healthcare facilities and with your doctor. This enables the use of wearable technology to aid with diagnosis. For example, your doctor might ask you to wear a heart rate monitor, allowing them to see your heart rate as you go about your daily life.

Technology also allows the sharing of information between medical professionals, which allows a much more collaborative approach to medicine.


When cars were invented, they were a luxury item. Now, they are a necessity. In the US, 91.3% of households reported at least having access to a car.

This number of cars presents a logistical issue because a lot of people want to park their cars in the same places, and it’s tough to find a space. Lots of people driving around looking for spaces, in turn, contributes to congestion and traffic jams. This is a particular issue at places like airports, where a lot of people need to leave their cars and are often in a rush!

Technology has revolutionized airport parking by allowing people to locate a space at their desired airport and book and pay for it online before even leaving the house. This means less congestion and greater peace of mind.


Gone are the days of hoping your friend could introduce you to someone you may want to go on a date with!

Online dating has completed changed how dating works. Now, rather than going on hundreds of bad dates, you can simply download an app and search for potential matches based on what you are looking for in a partner. In addition, people create a profile with their most important information, allowing you to filter out the people you probably won’t get on all that well with.

This means there is a better chance of finding someone who is a good match for you, simply because you are brought into contact with a higher number of people with interests that are compatible with your own.

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