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These days, our mobile devices are a lot more than just a way for us to make quick phone calls and shoot out texts. With Android, we’ve got a fully operational computer at our fingertips at all times, helping us out in making life a little bit easier. Naturally, one of the many fields in which Android excels is providing top-notch entertainment on the go! Whether you’re on a long train ride and need something to keep you busy or home alone looking for a way to have some fun, here are the top three entertainment trends on Android you can try out.

Casino Games

Casino games are a timeless part of the entertainment sphere that never goes out of style. Of course, the digital versions of these games have proven that once again by torpedoing online casinos to the top of the entertainment food chain. Unsurprisingly, online casinos are a big hit not just on mobile devices like your favorite android flagship, but on PC as well! The games online casinos provide offer a smooth experience across multiple platforms, making them a joy to play no matter where you are.

What makes these websites such a big hit is the selection of online casino games they host. Players aren’t limited to just classic table games like Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette, but can enjoy hundreds of themed slots in various categories! On top of that, they even have an immersive new selection of Live Casino games to up the ante! These games use the magic of live streaming tech to bring the traditional casino feel to the small screen of your phone.

Live Streaming

Speaking of live streaming tech, it’s no surprise to see live streaming platforms get a lot of attention on Android devices. Both YouTube and Twitch are insanely popular on the android platform, drawing in millions of users who enjoy watching various video content in real-time. As expected, the most popular category with Live streaming is gaming. Everyone seems to be a big fan of video games these days, and Android users aren’t any different! Naturally, this doesn’t mean that other categories aren’t doing well, as the “just chatting” category on stream is also a fan-favorite.

Streaming Services

It wouldn’t be an article about entertainment today if streaming services aren’t a part of it. It’s safe to say that streaming services are now pretty much everyone’s favorite form of watching TV. Unlike traditional television, with streaming services, users are free to pick and choose what they watch, where they watch it, and how they watch it. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why these services have become one of the biggest trends of this century.

Since most streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have dedicated Android apps, their popularity on the platform has soared. Users love that they can view anything from light-hearted romance movies to terrifying horror flicks on the go on their android devices. Of course, the low rates on subscriptions these platforms offer also don’t hurt their reputation as being a go-to entertainment medium.

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