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Top 3 Battle Royale Games Like PUBG

The Battle Royale Games has caught the attention of today’s youth. And Games like PUBG is acquiring a lot of users every day. This game is hitting the top and has reached another season in just 6 months. According to the recent survey, PUBG has crossed over 20 million users per day. But there are a lot of games like PUBG which is hitting the list now these days. The battle royale game genre has offered some other classic games which will give the users a new experience of gaming in the same genre. Here are some classics to make the user’s gaming experience to hit the top.

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1. DayZ: Battle Royale

DayZ mod for Arma 2 has marked the starting of the battle royale genre. With the same developer of PUBG, DayZ mod for Arma 2 has created the whole experience of battle royale genre, the gameplay starts with players being dropped to an unknown island with the brain-eating zombies.

The players are made to survive this zombie apocalypse by working with other players on the way or players can go for a solo play with some mind-blowing armors and killing everyone coming in the way. If users fail to save themselves from the zombie apocalypse, the players will be respawned to the same island again and are made to restart the killing life again. On contrary, there are danger zones as such as it is present in other battle games of the same genre. The main motive behind the gameplay is to make players trust themselves first on an abandoned island

2. The Culling

To have a simple experience of the battle royale genre, this game can prove to be a great hit. The culling is an episode based on the first person shooter gameplay. The gameplay starts with the origin which takes the users to an abandoned island which acquires a great set of skills to survive through the killing sessions.

In the gameplay, users have to explore by roaming the island and also to have to explore their own armors and scavenge items in order to make to the end of the episode. The culling is an online 16 player gameplay which is divided into equal parts which each team consisting of 2 players each. Each gameplay lasts for 20 mins. While moving towards the end, the area gets contaminated with dangerous gasses.

On contrary to the other games of the same genre. There is no respawning after the user’s failure to survive. The gameplay is all about the survival of the fittest. With the help the of some violent weapons, including blades, stone knives axes and other different weapons which are fit to give enough wounds to a person. the culling is not about killing and collecting weapons. In the gameplay, users have to care for themselves by collecting bandages stashes and other relevant details useful items to beat others in the game and conquer the island with culling skills.

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3. Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned is one of the most popular games in the same genre. With Zombie apocalypse theme, unturned is a game simply signifies the title given to the game. The user is the only one who hasn’t yet turned into a zombie. The game is quite similar to other games in the same genre but has not got 3d graphics which makes gameplay quite like a cartoon. A group of people was thrown to the land infested with zombies and with armors the users have to make their way to the end. Basically with the main of the survival of the fittest and Minecraft like graphics, Unturned is an exciting game which is worth a try. Download this game from 9Apps.

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