Top 10 Technology Blogs to Follow in 2022


In the contemporary world, technology is advancing on a daily basis. From AI forecasting the future trends of various industries to augmented reality giving life-like experiences of different products and services virtually, technology is taking a whole new shape all around the globe.

To elaborate, there are many people who are eager to get updated on tech news as soon as possible. While some want to learn about how technology is shaping the different industries.

In order to keep the tech-heads updated about technological advancements, there are multiple blogs on the web. However, it often gets difficult for tech geeks to find blogs that are reliable, authentic, and provide in-depth insights about recent trends in technology.

That being the case, this blog effectively highlights the top 10 extraordinary blogs that will out tech heads to stay updated with the technological advancements in 2022. You may be an individual looking for blogs to gain knowledge about emerging technologies or a business owner looking to optimize business objectives by investing in the right technology. These blogs cover the most versatile tech-related needs and niches. So, let us get started without further ado.

10 Exceptional Technology Blogs to Look For in 2022

1. TechCrunch

Website –

Domain Authority – 93

If you are someone who is crazy about reading and learning about the latest tech startups and their journeys, then this blog is definitely for you. Started in 2005, TechCrunch offers a wide range of articles on tech startups. Along with you will find also find various podcasts on the tech industry.

In their blogs, you will find an in-depth analysis of tech news in easy-to-understand language that makes it easier for its readers to comprehend their blogs easily. The domain authority of this blog makes it rank among our top 10 tech blogs because domain authority makes the blog more reliable and authentic.

2. BGR Tech

Website Link –

Domain authority – 90

Founded in 2006, BGR Tech is one of the most prominent blog sites in New York. With millions of readers all across the globe, BGR tech provides its readers with recent engaging stories about technology along with tech guides and multiple in-depth analyses and reviews of various tech products and services.

To continue, there are various blogs related to tech accessories, software, hardware, gaming, and wearable are covered on the websites. Their articles are precise and easy to comprehend with not so difficult jargon, making the readability of the blogs beginner-friendly.

3. Extreme Tech

Website link –

Domain authority – 88

Extreme Tech was founded in 2001 and as per their introduction they sleep, breathe, and eat technology. That is the reason all of their posts are either about the newest technology or are somehow related to technology.

To segregate, the website has various articles published under the category of Computers, Phones, Security, Gaming, Space, Deep Dives, and Deals. Extreme Tech almost posts 30 articles in a week in order to constantly update their readers about the latest technology.

4. TechSpot

Website Link –

Domain Authority – 87

TechSpot is one of the leading technological blog sites in the United States which provides all the latest tech news and technical analysis of various programs to its target audience. Started in 1998, today, TechSpot has more than 8 million readers on monthly basis. TechSpot will provide you with multiple features and belongs on tech culture, hardware, software, and gaming along with various tips and tricks on solving your computer-based problems.

5. Info World

Website link –

Domain authority – 87

InfoWorld is another emerging voice of tech enterprise that is publishing almost 23 blogs in a week to update their target audience such as business leaders, developers, big data analytics, and so on. They offer various go-to resources in multiple categories such as cloud computing, software development, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. So, if you are also interested in reading more about such interesting topics, go ahead, you found your tech blog.

6. Techdirt

Website link –

Domain authority 80

If you are also a tech geek who likes to stay updated about recent amendments in government policies impacting technological advancements then this blog site is definitely for you. Techdirt covers multiple articles stating the in-depth impact of the technologies on society.

Along with this, the latest news articles related to technology or legal issues impacting the growth and innovation of the companies.

7. Tech Engage

Website link –

Domain authority – 74

If you are also one of those nerds who are crazy about new mobile phone features, latest designs, camera modes, etc., then TechEngage is very much interested in engaging you. They have one particular Roundups column in which they post all about the latest features of smartphones and other electronic gadgets.

From the best gaming chair to the best car phone mounts, they have got it all covered. Founded in 2003, Tech Engage is one of the leading tech websites in Washington, DC.

8. TechEBlog

Website link –

Domain authority – 69

TechEBlog is Los Angles, California-based website that updates its readers with the latest technology, gadgets, reviews, and news from all around the world. TechEblog posts almost 7 articles per day to keep its readers constantly updated about the tech happenings around the globe. So if you are one of those readers who want to frequently read about the tech updates in a day, then this blog is the right fit for you.

9. Blog The Tech

Website link –

Domain authority – 62

With 100s of blogs on Technology, Web Development, Finances, Software, games, Business, and Apps, Blog The Tech is another prominent tech blog in Washington, DC.

This tech blog provides information on various Android Rooting, Roms, How-Tos, Phone Reviews, App Reviews, Android Developments, and Social Updates. In short, Blog The Tech is another informative blog site for tech geeks all over the world.

10. Law Technology Today

Website –

Domain authority – 50

Last but not the least, if you are fond of reading about laws and regulations related to technology, we have got a tech blog for that too. Law Technology Today was established in 2012 and today they have millions of readers all around the globe.

Thye have multiple columns covering different sections of technology such as litigation, hardware, software, security, etc. Along with this, they also publish roundtable discussion blogs presenting different tech geeks’ opinions on various legal topics.

To encapsulate, readers have their own expectations from every blog, hence, it is crucial to understand first what top websites actually offer and how it can be informative for you.

Moreover, the internet has provided us with many options to read from but choosing the best ones often puts us in a dilemma. That being the case, the following are the top ten blogs that will keep you updated on all the latest tech news of 2022.

Bonus section

11. TechBii

Website Link –

Domain Authority – 58

Looking at the present scenario of the contemporary world, it is safe to say that technology and marketing are those two best friends who are never going to get separated. Moreover, the trendy tech blog – Techbii is also becoming the best friend of its readers by providing them with all the latest updates about technology and marketing.

From providing in-depth elaboration of multiple How To’s to providing various tech news, Techbii was established in 2012 and currently is one of the leading tech blogs. We have multiple columns of blogs covering different technological-based resources in multiple categories such as Tech News, SEO, WordPress, Digital Marketing, PC Tips, UI, and Web Design.

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