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Do you know how frequently Google updates its algorithm? 600 times a year! This means there are at least 2 updates per day.

With this much change, it’s definitely hard to keep track of SEO techniques and changes. But you don’t need to scratch your head. Professional SEO experts or digital marketing solutions successfully rank their pages on the first page of SERPs despite these constant algo changes.

How? Read this article to find out!

Understand the Core Web Vitals

The term “web vitals” may be new for you. But Google is now paying key attention to this metric. Furthermore, Google has already set out an algorithm known as Page Experience. This algorithm ranks web pages based on the core web vitals.

So, let us first see what these web vitals are:

Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals is a measure of the three most significant factors about your page; these factors are:

Largest Contentful Paint – the LCP measures the speed of your site. It means how long the main content of the site takes to upload. An ideal speed is 2.5 or even faster.

First Input Delay– FID calculates the site responsiveness. The ideal speed for a site to become interactive is below 100 MS.

Cumulative Layout Shift– the CLS refers to the visual stability of your site. It means how much time a site takes to bring an unexpected shift in the layout content. Ideally, it should be less than 1.

So, these web vitals let you know the factors on which your site will be measured. But how will you measure these factors? Thankfully, Google has updated several tools to provide a comprehensive report on these vitals.

After using these tools, you will get a fair idea of these reports. These key tools include Light House, Web Vitals Extension, Page Speed Insights, Chrome UX Report, Google Search Console, Chrome DevTools, etc.

What To Know About Optimizing for Google’s Core Web Vitals

Pay Attention to Passage Ranking

Google passage ranking can rank your page high even if you have optimized the page for a different keyword. Optimizing your site for passage ranking is simple. All you need is to create standalone sections of the page that are also relevant to the main topic. For this, you need to use the keywords in the heading and create a focused write-up.

Focus On the Featured Snippets

In 2022, make sure to pay attention to the featured snippets. We all know that selecting the text for featured snippets is impossible. But we can apply tactics that can make a specific piece of content appear in the featured snippets. These techniques include formatting wisely, using long-tail keywords, incorporating questions, etc.

Don’t Ignore the EAT Principle

EAT refers to expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Google always gives preference to those sites that have built a great reputation in the market. Therefore, you should try to bring trustworthiness and authority to the brand.

For this, you can take several steps like asking for reviews and feedback, getting quality links, showing testimonials, etc. Additionally, you can also take the digital marketing services of any reputable firm for earning brand authority.

Use A Combination of Long Tail Keywords

Google has now changed its strategy, and it has started showing subtopics relevant to the keyword. For instance, if someone is searching for home equipment, Google will also display content related to budget equipment, portable equipment, etc.

Therefore, you should use a combination of keywords so that Google knows that your content is relevant for a variety of searches. For instance, if your keyword is “custom apparel,” you can also use other keywords like “custom leather jackets,” “custom sweatshirts,” etc.

Use New Content

Unfortunately, some marketers never bother using fresh content. New and up-to-date content helps in implementing the latest SEO tactics. Besides this, when the audience is looking for answers, they want the most recent and freshly updated content. Furthermore, competition in the digital world is immense. Therefore, if you want to stand apart, uploading fresh content is mandatory.

Update Old Content

You must have spent a lot of time, effort, and money on your old content. So, never miss the opportunity of reaping the benefits of that old work. You can do a link audit and fix all the broken links. Additionally, updating the internal links too. In this way, you can also stay safe from Google penalties.

Focus On User Experience

Smart marketers understand how every SEO tactic is related to user experience. One such example is core web vitals. Moreover, search engines also consider the bounce rate, click-through percentage, and dwell time. When working on the user experience, try to consider page speed, relevance, mobile-friendliness, etc.

Images Are Important Too

Do you that 20% of the US searches are done on images. This highlights the importance of optimizing images for searches. To do this, you need to make sure that the image is of high quality. Besides this, never forget compressing the images.

You can use multiple tools for it. One of them is Squoosh. Also, pay attention to image alt tags. These tags provide an opportunity for inserting keywords that can relate your images to searches.

Backlinks Are Essential

Just like many other factors, you can never ignore the high-quality backlinks. These links are an essential source of building your brand authority. For building backlinks, you can follow tips like focusing on quality rather than quantity, using online forums and social media, working on guest blogs, and so on.

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Now You Know All About the 10 Most Popular SEO Techniques of 2022

In short, getting a high search engine rank is becoming difficult with each passing day. Google keeps on updating its algorithm, and ignorance of the latest SEO trends can spoil the ranking in no time. Therefore, we need to follow the current trends of 2022.

Some of these techniques include the web vitals, using fresh content, uploading the old content, using images, etc. Besides this, the featured snippets, passage ranking, and EAT principle are also important. So, stick to these key tactics and experience an increase in your search engine rank.

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