Top 10 Classic Last Names that Start with T


Everyone wants to have a classic last name. Unfortunately, most people fail to get it because they do not perform a complete search before choosing the last name of their kids. On this page, we shared the top ten most classic last names that start with T.

If you are looking for similar names, you can find them here. Additionally, we will share these names’ meaning, origin, and ancestry to help you know more about them.

Going through the name’s meaning and origin will give you an idea of tax collectors whether the name has a habitational or trait-based origin.

Classic Names Starting With T

The list is taken from CocoFinder’s most popular 1000 names that start with T. Thus, if you want to get more details of these last names, you can check them on its website. Also, we suggest checking the state-wise popularity on CocoFinder’s website to know where the name is most popular.


Being one of the most popular last names in the United States, the surname is classic enough for your newborn baby. Taylor has an English and Scottish origin that is used as an occupational name for a tailor. The roots of this name come from the French word Tailleur that means ‘to cut.’

The surname is quite common in English-speaking countries, and there are several alternative spellings and pronunciations of this name. More than 2,17,297 people trace their ancestry to this surname in the United States.


You would be surprised to know that Thomas’s last name has its origin in more than five different countries. It has its roots in English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, and South India. This name is ‘twin’ in the local language that is often used for Christ’s resurrection.

Although this name has quite religious connections, you can still consider it as a strong and powerful name for someone. In the United States alone, 2,00,637 people recognize themselves with this last name.


If you are looking for a classy surname, Tucker is a perfect option for you. The name has an occupational connection with a fuller (an agent of Middle English businessmen). In addition, the Gaelic translation of this name has an interesting turn to the story that represents the ‘descendant of Tauchar.’

The Americanized form of this name is often related to the beloved and similar words. Therefore, it is quite a perfect name for a kid. As of its popularity, around 66,004 people are found in the United States with this last name.


The last name Turner has a Scottish and English origin. It is a habitational name for someone who creates different objects using things like wood or metal of some kind. The name has an Anglo-Forman French connection and is considered a derivative of the word ‘lathe.’ people also used the name for people with fluency in more than one language.

Thus, Turner is often used for translators who help others translating their sentences. The name was quite popular in Poland, and there is a place that this name represents.


Tyler is a quite classy name with a comprehensive tax collector family history. However, it is also an occupational name used for a maker of tiles. The word is taken from the English word and shares its ancestry with the same. A lot of people believe that the last name Tyler has its origins in various English-speaking countries.

Gradually, the name became famous in the United States. As a result, there are more than 25,782 people who quite Tyler as their last name. Thus, the name has a rich history in the United States as well.


The name has an English origin that is considered an occupation for the toll tax collector. In the medieval period, there were tax collectors who used to charge the traders to cross the bridge. The collector of this tax on the bridge was called Travis. Today, the name is quite popular in different countries, and the United States is home to around 13,664 people with this surname.

It is quite a classic name, and most parents are choosing it for their newborn babies.


Tyson is quite popular in the United States and is considered a classy name in the country. However, the meaning of this name is ‘High-spirited,’ and the name has a French origin. After some famous personalities like Mike Tyson, it is safe to say that the meaning ‘high-spirited’ is quite justified.

Somewhere around 11,924 people are sharing Tyson as their last name. You can consider this name by going through its ancestry and literal meaning in different countries.


The name tray has different meanings in different countries. In English countries, the name Tracy is related to the Trachea that goes back to the Norman conquest. However, the literal meaning of the name is Brave and is used as a female’s name.

You can go on with this last name as it is quite classic and has a long-lasting impression on everyone. The name has some rich history, and your kid will never feel like the surname does not hold an ancestry.


The surname Thomson is the Scottish variant of the name Thompson. Therefore, all the meanings and ancestry of these names are similar to each other. The name is referred to ‘Son of Thom’ and is considered a patronymic name in these countries.

In the United States, the name is getting quite popular, and thousands of people recognize themselves with the same last name.


Terry is a gender-neutral name with different pronunciations as a girl and boy name. The name has a German origin that was most popular in the year 1904. The meaning of this name is ‘power of the tribe’ and is often used for the leader.

Therefore, a person showing leadership qualities is often awarded this last name. However, there are direct descendants of these names who one can still find in the United States.


Finding the classic name with a perfect history is a challenge. The above names focus on the meaning, origin, and ancestry of some of the most popular last names starting with T in the United States. You can go through these names and find the perfect name for your kid.

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