Top 10 Biggest Graphic Design Trends In 2020


The dawn of the new decade is bringing with it the latest graphic design trends. The graphic design trends have dominated businesses using a futuristic approach. They breathe life into the story of brands that customers connect with.

Illustrations have been used widely, but in 2020, the trends are ready to reach another important milestone. Designers are coming together to bring new and innovative trends that will help brands outshine their competitors.

The Top 10 Trends of 2020

The designers have a new drive to showcase their talent, even though it’ll be sometime before the 20s make an impact on graphic design trends.

Here is a list of the top ten design trends that will help you stay on top of your game in 2020:

1. Responsive Design

There is a major shift in the market, as businesses turn to mobile app design companies to develop intriguing apps for their brands. In 2020, the graphic designers will focus on responsive designs that will cater to any screen size. Smooth functionality will never go out of fashion because it’s a standard that defines whether the app is worth using or not.

Creating responsive designs is a tedious task that focuses on minute design details. If accomplished, it showcases the design in the best light and dimensions.

2. Muted Color Scheme

In the past few years, bold and vibrant colors have ruled the industry; however, in 2020, brands will focus on muted or pastel color palettes. Brands will look to pair desaturated color shades with white, black, or another complementary color. The colors will be the complete opposite of bright and bold colors.

3. Gradients

2020 will mark as the third year, where gradients will play a major role again. Designers will use innovative tricks to implement gradients in graphic designs. Gradients started out as just backgrounds, and in the last year, gradients became a part of logos to tell brand stories. In 2020, we will see gradients being used to add complexity to gifs and other illustrations.

4. Textured 3D Designs

The year 2019, saw a boom in the use of 3D illustrations, and we’ll continue seeing the trend in 2020. Modern technologies and software will give a new edge to 3D animation to make them look more creative and innovative. Designers will incorporate realities into 3D designs. We will see 3D forms use glass, metal, fur, and plastic. The texture will make the designs look better than they already do.

5. Abstract Illustrations

In 2020, abstract illustrations will see an imaginative turn that will help brands outshine. Illustrations offer brands to create something special that can tell an in-depth story. Designers compose the illustrations with muted or bold color palettes. To take texture to the next level, designers will add gradients and textures to their abstract illustrations that make them look unique.

Create abstract illustrations that your customers can identify as your brand in a heartbeat!

6. Typography

To bring more innovation and beauty, designers will play around in the pool of typography. Simple fonts and styles will be combined with floral, geometric, and creative elements. Designers will take an artistic approach to bring uniqueness to fonts.

In 2020, we will also see designers combine shapes with big, bold letters. Common shapes like twirls, squares, and curves will be seen in 2D and 3D shapes.

7. AR & VR Technologies

The whole world is implementing AR and VR in exciting ways to offer a great user experience. We’ve seen the technologies taking over games, and in 2020, graphic designers will implement AR and VR that would make 3D animations even more exciting. The experience will attract people to interact with the brands, thus, increasing their popularity.

8. Motion Pictures & GIFs

Motion pictures and animations are a trend that will work in harmony with other trends like typography, 3D illustrations, and abstract art to engage users. Gifs and videos grasp the user’s attention when they’re scrolling on a website or app.

They’re an innovative technique that encourages customers to stay on the website. With the help of new software and tools, designers can turn any kind of illustration into a moving picture.

9. Thin Line Art

The thin line art is a simplistic and minimalistic approach to convey a brand story. The illustrations are clear and elegant that can be collaborated with typography, bold fonts, or motion pictures. The unobtrusive art style draws user attention that promotes engagement.

10. Patterns & Textures

In 2020, we will see patterns and textures make a major comeback in the graphic design field! They won’t be used in the traditional way but rather incorporated with other design techniques like typography, motion pictures, gifs, etc.

Stay Ahead in the Designing Game!

The future for graphic design in 2020 will be diversified, where designers will incorporate multiple techniques. The techniques will sing in harmony to showcase the brand’s story uniquely. We can’t wait to see the designs in 2020, can you?

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