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Creating an effective WordPress website ensures that you reach your target audience easily. Ensure to keep these tips in mind when designing your WordPress website.

The availability of built-in WordPress themes has made it easier for individuals to create WordPress websites. However, website creation is only the first step of a long process to make your website effective and reachable to the masses.

Here are some tips you can follow to make a better WordPress website in 2020.

1. Choose a professional and yet appealing Website Design

As a professional WordPress developer in India, your first step to creating a WordPress website is to understand what a professional website will actually look like. You will need to choose a design that blends design aesthetics with visual appeal to attract traffic to your site.

The right design will be one that makes use of a wise combination of colours, readable fonts, high-quality images, informative graphs and charts, and relatable content. Keep in mind that this combination will also need to reflect your brand and project its needs to the target audience.

This ensures that you end up with an effective design that is both professional and appealing.

2. Give importance to user-friendly Navigation Tools

Not all individuals visiting your website would be technically savvy. As such, it is considered vital to choose user-friendly navigation tools to make your website easier to access and utilize for all users.

While you may be tempted to use the latest navigation tools in the market, a user will remain on your website only as long as it is easy for him/her to navigate the same. Accordingly, some tips you can use to make your website more user-friendly include:

  • Making it easier for users to access any page within the website with just a click or two
  • Keeping an updated “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages to make it easier for users to contact you
  • Revealing user location within the website with the help of breadcrumb trails or sitemap search options.

3. Choose only relevant content

Any professional WordPress developer in India will tell you that the secret to an effective WordPress website is relevant, up to date content. While regular updates to content inform users that you are active, relevant content indicates that you know what you are doing. Relevant content is also good for SEO and allows you to get noticed by users on social media platforms.

Ensure to take into consideration the design aesthetics of the content you display on the website as well. Use readable fonts, sizes, and colours, ensuring to keep content crisp and to the point with the help of lists, paragraphs, headings, subheadings, bullets, etc.

4. Don’t miss out on the technical details

It may be easy to miss out on a few technical details while designing a website. However, these details may potentially destroy the look of your website. Some of the technical details you should not miss out on while designing the website include:

  • Images: should be of high-quality and optimized for proper display on the website
  • Homepage: should be simple and visually appealing without too many images, videos, animations, etc.
  • Scripts: (like CSS, HTML, and JS, etc.) must be minimized to avoid clutter

We have tried to put all the important steps in this post so you can apply them and fulfill your needs about to make a WordPress website in 2020.

By using WordPress, you can create powerful niche websites capable of doing a lot more than you think. Well, that’s all about creating a WordPress website. Now it’s all up to you how you will take your steps towards making a WordPress website after reading this post. If it will help you then tell us in the comment section below.

Author Bio:-Rajnish Panwar is a rabid Tech and Digital Marketing aficionado. He is a tech lover and loves to share his knowledge about the latest tech updates around the world. Right now he is working with the best web Development Company in Shimla for past one year.