10 Tips to Increase Your Female Instagram Followers


Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms. If you want to grow your business then Instagram will be the best for your business. Over 40% of the adult community in the United States uses Instagram. That is the reason you need to invest your time and investment on Instagram. Instagram will help you to grow your business 4 times more than on Facebook. You can easily get new organic female followers because approximately 68% of the female users are found on Instagram.

Here are the following tips you have to follow if you want to grow your Instagram female followership.

1. Your Instagram Bio

Your “Instagram Bio” is your first impression and also an introduction to your new followers. If you write according to your audience, there are greater chances they will read and press the follow button. There are 150-character limits in “Instagram Bio” and you have to use it carefully. Here are a few tips on how to write a professional Instagram Bio.

  • A High Quality and confident Picture. If you want to put the logo of your brand, make it professional.
  • Your name is already written on your profile, don’t write it again in the Bio section to waste your words and professionalism.
  • Write an amazing and eye-catchy call to action (CTA)

2. Connect with your Audience

Communication is the backbone of any business. If you want to grow you need to connect with your audience. There are many ways you can connect with your audience. You can interact with your audience by replying to comments. Ask a question in stories.

3. Post Engaging Content

To get more instagram followers you need to post something that attracts an audience. How can you attract an audience? Here are a few powerful things that will help you get attention and grow your brand.

• Post content by adding questions.

• Add tips in your content

• Follow trends

• Post AMA (Ask me Anything) stories and posts

• Start polling

• Hold giveaways

• Host a contest

4. Run Instagram Ads

After making a unique brand, you need to first publish content. It is so that you can easily run advertisements on Instagram. Why do you need ads? Well, it is so that visitors come and see what you offer after reading your bio and posts. If they see your brand profile is according to their interest, they will follow you.

  • If you have a female dressing store on Instagram, you need to run ads and choose those females who are interested to buy dresses.
  • If you are a store and have female accessories, you need to run ads and choose those females who are interested in buying accessories.
  • By following these points, you can grow your female Instagram followers.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

It is another way to grow your business. You have to use specific hashtags that will help you to get a specific audience. If you want to get female followers you have to use Hashtags that most women are searching for in your specific niche.

If you have a Female dressing Store. You need to use hashtags like:

#dressesonline #eveningdresses #dressshopping #longdresses #shortdresses #elegantdresses #shortdress #eveningdress #dresses #dressoftheday

If you have an accessory store, you can use hashtags like:

#accessory #fashion #accessories #jewelry #handmade #style #love #necklace #earrings #fashionista #ootd #jewellery #beautiful #jewels #ring #trendy #stylish #jewelrygram #instajewelry #fashionjewelry #silver #bracelet #cute #gold #jewel #design #gems #gemstone #bling #bhfyp

6. Host A Contest

If you want to get female followers, here is another way to grow your Instagram followers. Host a contest. Ask questions, engage with your audience. Ask others to tag female friends, the one who tags more friends will win the contest and win a special gift. If you have a Dressing store, you can create a contest and ask others to tag friends and win a luxurious and costly dress for free.

7. Upload Videos

To get more followers on Instagram you need to publish videos as well. It is proven from research that videos get 34% more interaction than other simple images. It is another good strategy to boost your profile by publishing videos.

One thing you need to focus on before posting videos. Select a single niche, and post videos according to your niche and the interest of the audience.

If you have a female store and sell female dresses, don’t post videos of male dresses, it will not get rich, it may divert your audience’s attention from your profile.

You can also use Reels Instagram to grow your brands. Add stories to engage with an audience.

Don’t put irrelevant and other stuff in your stories. If you have a dressing brand, you can add dresses in stories by adding CTA or selling on a dress to attach with your followers.

8. Giveaways

You can also grow your Instagram followers, through giveaways. Here are a few best giveaways you can give by getting a good number of followers. The best giveaway is to publish a post and ask to share this post in 30 groups or tag 30 female friends to win this dress. Hope you love this point, just follow it and let us know if it works for you as well.

9. Collaborate with Female Brands & Influencers

This point will also help you to get a large number of followers. You just need to collaborate with a popular brand and ask the brand to mention your brand in your stories and posts and I will pay you. Just keep one thing in mind: ask those brands that are working in the same niche that you are working.

You can also pay an influencer, who has a lot of female followership, you can pay her/him to get followers.

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10. Follow the Targeted Audience

The last but not the least part is to get a targeted audience is to follow your targeted audience. How can you do it?

Go to your competitors or the brands’ profiles that are working according to your niche. Go to the comment section, interact with their followers and also follow them. They will see the following notification from you and search your profile. If your profile is professional. There are greater chances they will follow you.

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