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Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 10:43 am

Do you have a small budget for advertisement? Small business owners often run their businesses with a tight budget. They do not have enough money for business promotions. You should not worry if you are facing this situation because Google ads are available.

Google ads fall under PPC (pay-per-click) marketing channel. You have to pay per impression or per click on an ad. If you want suitable customers and qualified traffic, Google ads will be an efficient way. Fortunately, Google Ads Specialist can help you to boost your site traffic. As a result, you will get more orders and in-store visits.

If you want to create effective Google ads malaysia, here are some handy tips for a high-ROI advertisement campaign.

Clear Goals and Objectives

Before setting conversion goals, you should look at the big picture. In this process, you cannot ignore your overall company goals and advertising goals. After getting clarity on everything, you are ready to narrow down your action plan.

For instance, you may want to sell 5,000 units of hoodies this year. You have to advertise why your hoodies are better than others. Moreover, you can give some special offers, such as buy two and get one fee. Make sure to bid smartly to precisely target particular keywords to reach your target audience.

Focus on Ad Structure

Set up everything from the start to increase your chances of success. You will need sufficient time to manage everything, including keywords to campaigns to targeted locations and ad groups. Your art site will get maximum traction if it is showing up for interested people. Remember, an ad campaign must be thoughtful and relevantly themed.

Campaign Type

To achieve your business objectives, it is essential to select the right type of campaign. Search campaigns are good for potential customers to learn about your services and products. You can establish a goal in these ads, such as more traffic to a website, generate sales, etc.

  • If you want to show products in an online marketplace, you can use shopping campaigns. In this campaign, you will pay when customers see local inventory or click to visit your website.
  • In display campaigns, you can advertise on the display network of Google. It allows you to promote your business on websites, blogs, and news pages.
  • Video campaigns are also beneficial to get potential clients on YouTube. You have to pay if someone sees your ads for almost 30 seconds or take action.
  • UAC (Universal App Campaigns) allow you to promote your app for Android or iOS in Google Play, YouTube, and Google Search.

Before selecting any ad campaign, make sure to define your goals. For instance, UAC allows you to persuade users to get downloads or users. Keywords will help you to nail an ad campaign. Sometimes, tweaking and testing prove beneficial for your marketing strategy.

Avoid using broad keywords because Google can display your ad on the wrong pages. As a result, you will get few clicks even after spending money. You have to evaluate what is suitable and make adjustments according to your business goals.

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