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If you have never used a valet service before, you might be at a loss on what to do and what not to do. However, it can be a simple thing to grasp once you start to understand how it works. Valet parking services are very similar to car parks in that they have certain basic guidelines that must be followed.

Technology has permitted people to do things that were inconceivable in the past. You can now rely on modern inventions to connect your car to the Internet so it can take you from point A to B with less hassle. You can use your car to navigate your surroundings, take you to your preferred destination, and even find a nearby parking lot.

Finding a safe area to park may seem unimportant or trivial, but where you leave your car is crucial because parking outside a home is very different than parking in a commercial area. If you are going to park in a public place, you will need to make sure that you have the proper parking permit and follow all of the regulations that govern such activities. Failure to do so could result in you being fined, or, worse, your car may become damaged or stolen.

If you are new to valet parking services, it’s the opposite of self-parking. Finding a parking slot on your own can be a time-consuming and even a frustrating task. A valet parking service allows you to safely park your car with the help of an attendant. The service may be handled by a company utilizing a valet parking software management tool, which helps ensure the attendants’ efficiency and the security of the vehicles. There are people, however, who have no idea how car valet services work. Since there’s always a first time for everything, it’s best to learn a few tips (and some tricks) when it comes to valet parking services.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Valet Parking Services

The most confusing aspect of availing of a valet parking service is doing it for the first time. But, here are some tips to make the most of your experience:

1. Keep Your Car Clean And Tidy

It’s always a good idea to keep your vehicle clean, especially if you’re going out and planning to use the valet parking service. Although the attendants won’t ignore customers with dirty cars, it helps to have a presentable one when handing over the keys. It’s unnecessary to have a full detailing done, but, at least, get the car washed and clear out the fast food bags and other junk inside the vehicle.

2. Never Leave Valuables Behind

When clearing out the items inside your automobile, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re not leaving any important or valuable items in the cabin. Whether it’s jewelry, gadgets, or essential documents, you should leave them at home to avoid the possibility of losing them. Although a professional car valet service will employ only honest and responsible parking attendants, it’s best not to leave things to chance. It’s best to leave your valuables at home or bring them with you once you step out of your car.

3. Don’t Forget Your Ticket

Remember to claim your parking ticket and keep it somewhere safe. A valet ticket is your proof that the valet parking service handles your car, so losing the ticket will cause many inconveniences. If you happen to hire a company that offers valet parking – ticketless valet kiosks, you should remember to scan the QR code or any proof of your car being deposited into the valet.

4. Make Sure You Have Cash On Hand

Although some car valet parking services may start implementing contactless payments, it’s always beneficial to keep some cash in your pocket. Whether it’s to pay for the valet service or to have some money to give as a tip to the attendant, make sure you have cash available all the time. First-time valet parking service users like you will appreciate that you don’t need to remember where you parked your car since there’s a professional service that will bring you the vehicle personally.


Hiring someone to park and watch your car is a service that you should be willing to pay for to use. It is worth it, especially if you’ve had a few bad parking experiences in the past or have an important event and you don’t want to cramp your style. With today’s modern lifestyles and technology, more people are starting to hire valet parking services as a convenient way to park their cars while they attend to their activities. By understanding what and what not to do as a first-time valet parking service user, you can have fewer worries to think of when leaving your car behind to enjoy your day out.

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