So, you’ve started a new travel blog with the best provider and an ultra-fancy theme, but there’s still one problem, nobody’s actually reading it. In fact, views are so low that you’re questioning whether you should continue to post content. Well, we’re here to tell you not to worry – we’ve all been there, slaving away over a brilliant post only to realise it’s only reaching that one guy in the town next to you. But, lucky for you, we’re going to let you in on three super simple secrets that are proven to increase blog traffic. Trust us, people will even be talking about your blog all the way on the other side of the world.

Be Relatable

Let’s be honest, 24-year-old Shannon from the US probably won’t be reading a post all about the 15 best things to do in Australia as a male over 50… The best way to boost traffic is to know your audience. “But how should I do that if I don’t actually have an audience?” Well, before writing a post, you should think of the type of reader you want to be targeting. It’s always a good idea to choose a demographic that fits with your own background, age and interests. For example, you may want to target people with the same hobbies as you. Someone targeting a more artistic audience may choose titles such as, “Australia as an Art Lover: Top 10 Cities to Visit” or “The Greatest Art Galleries on the Gold Coast.” The key to running a successful blog is to be relatable to your audience.

Strategically Use Social Media

It can be extremely difficult to get your blog out there. In fact, you may be writing the best posts which perfectly hit your target audience and yet still be falling low on the views. The best way to combat this is to create blog-specific additional social media. This allows for people to find your blog in other ways that aren’t just through the blog link itself. Twitter is one of the most successful platforms for blog publicity as you can connect with other bloggers and create support groups for each other. It’s also a great way to gain attraction through different tags, so people can immediately see what type of blogger you might be. Additionally, you may also want to use Instagram and Pinterest to boost traffic. The more social media accounts, the better!

Create an Email Subscription Pop-Up

Bloggers often forget to make their blogs easy to use. So, while you might be getting the views, people may not be signing up to your blog because they can’t find the sign-up box. Creating a pop-up subscription box will help with this problem. This way, any visitors will be reminded to sign-up and won’t have to go through the long process of searching for the subscription section. You may also want to create a subscriber-only newsletter as an incentive. This can easily be done through third-party websites.

While creating a blog can feel extremely overwhelming, if you’re patient and consistent, your blog will be a success.