iOS is considered to be one of the safest and secure operating systems in the world. IOS app development however is considered to be a bit more difficult in comparison to the android app development process.

Determining the end goals of the users and problem-solving attributes of an app are responsible for its consistent growth in the market. Understanding these two aspects may take a load of time but are fruitful in the longer run.

IOS hosts a variety of Apple devices such as – iPhone, Ipad touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, etc. The main programming languages behind the IOS apps are- Objective C and Swift. To power up the development process further, any of the options such as – native and cross-platform app development methods can also be adopted.

The key essential step after research is the wireframing of the app, which is to be developed. Wireframing suggests an outline to the developers and helps them to detect the technical challenges and costs that can be incurred during the whole process. In this article, we have laid emphasis on some of the best tips for IOS app development. Check over here for hire dedicated ios app developer.

1- Ideation stage-

To create a robust IOS app, developers need to understand the basic problems that they can solve through their app. Users tend to lean towards such apps which are able to solve their day-to-day difficulties or provide any information regarding health, fitness, technology, etc.

Diving into the ins and outs of a specific problem of the users and an effective market analysis can bring in the clarity of idea about which niche to target in the market and how to proceed for further development.

2- Selection of tools and software for the development-

Right tools and software play a vital role in deciding the accuracy and efficacy of the app in the long run. Apps that use outdated development methods may create problems for you as well as your clients in terms of delivering the expected results.

macOS is the operating system of every Mac (a product of Apple) and its latest versions are considered to be one of the most refined and secured operating systems amongst all other operating systems in the world. To comply with such a secured OS you need to be constantly updating your toolkit to cope up with the rapid technological changes.

3- Wireframing and designing workflows-

Wireframing of key concepts outlines a path for structured procedures. It is used to assist developers in sketching a prototype of their designs through software or simply by pen and paper. The effective wireframing technique helps you save a lot of time in the process.

Workflows decide how many clicks you want your users to make to do a particular task or to reach a specific function in the app. Wireframing and designing workflows are certainly some of the best tips for IOS app development if you are willing to hand out a laser-focused app for the users.

4- Brainstorming-

Once a prototype is ready, share it with the respective client and have a point-to-point chat with them. Mere satisfaction is not enough, the client should be brainstormed with all the facts and figures with all the pros and cons.

With the massive growth in the usage of smartphones the digital demand for entertainment, education, gaming, shopping has also increased in similar proportions. Targeting the right audience with a fully researched app will always be a good idea.

5- Designing the User interface-

Drafting the best user interface without hindering the user experience has always been a challenge for developers. UI and UX play a very important role in any IOS app development process. Outdated color schemes and glitchy buttons alone are enough to build up a negative effect on the app.

As approved by Apple, 44 pixels squares are the best touch size. Proper graphics, high-quality animations, and easily navigable items must be used in the right symmetry to compliment the overall UI/UX experience of the targeted users.

6- Architectural development-

Scalability and stability are the two main concerns while proceeding with the architectural development of any kind of app. In the case of an IOS app development, it is a multilayered architectural development.

Apps perform their task with the help of the right combination of interfaces between underlying hardware and software. Multiple devices have multiple device capabilities therefore it is very important to keep these differences in mind while designing the architectural framework of an IOS app.

7- Prefer automated testing-

iOS is comparatively a more closed operating system in comparison to Android. Manual testing of such an operating system is not an ideal option. There are many tools and frameworks that allow in-depth automated testing of iOS apps.

Appium and Calabash are the two most popular tools preferred by developers these days for automated testing. The best part about this software is that they support both native and cross-platform apps. This software not only eliminates the error percentage of manual testing but also comes in very handy in the reduction of overall time and efforts required in testing.

8- Customer feedback is important-

Constant feedback from customers is mandatory in the long run. Your app’s end-user experience should always be the central focal point of your business. There are various ways through which you can have your customer feedback before and after launching the app.

Beta testing of the app before launch and receiving feedback is always a great choice regarding the highly competitive market. Moreover, feedback can also be received on demand through pop-up notifications inside the app where users are allowed to submit their opinions regarding the app.

9- Regular updates-

Regular updates help in eliminating the customer’s positive experience through a more enriching user experience and also improving the security patches of the app. App updates are an opportunity to re-engage with your existing users in a productive way.

An IOS app development process does not end with just the development rather it focuses on the bigger picture. Regular updates are a tactical way of staying ahead in the competition.


Throughout the whole process of development, there are a lot of steps and decision-making is involved. Skipping such important steps for reducing costs and time may be harmful in the long run. We recommend the developers to follow a legit way and refrain from any kind of shortcuts. Hope this article was useful and added new insights to your knowledge.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.