5 Tips for a Custom Software Development Company


Are you looking to hire your next software product and looking to hire someone or some company to do that job for you? Then this article is for you. Here we are going to discuss five top things one should look into a custom software development company before finalizing.

Let’s start and explore the best option to get your job done-

#1 Get recommendations

This is the best way to identify a good organization to work with and get your software development work done. Look around you, in your personal and professional network if anyone has got similar work done by any organizations. This way you can easily find a trustable organization to work with, pros and cons along with the best way to work with them.

In case you don’t find any recommendations from your network, it’s worth checking on review sites like G2, Capterra, TrustRadious, etc. On these sites, you will be able to find reviews about the organizations you’re looking to work with.

#2 Check portfolio of the company

This can be another great thing to check where you can explore the company’s portfolio you would like to work. Check their website and see what they have built so far. This way you can get an idea of what they build, quality, functionalities, and other qualities you may be looking for. You can also evaluate whether they have the capability you’re looking for in your application.

#3 Know the technology they use

When you’re thinking about a new product, you should always go for the latest technologies to cope up with the market standard. You should also see many other factors like- whether the technology and its build are stable or not, proper support available, enterprise or open-source, etc. Once you have finalized the technologies stack you would like to use, validate if the company you are considering has the capability to execute those technologies. I have seen many companies not getting what they are looking for when it comes to technology and end up getting a product that becomes hard to scale.

#4 Scope of service

This is another important thing that you should look for. Before you start the service, check the scope of service and other terms. Make all these things are properly documented and available when needed. A few of the things those need to be mentioned here-

· Development effort

· Testing effort

· Knowledge transfer

· Hosting & infrastructure

· Security

· Maintenance

· And any related depending on your product

#5 Availability

Your time zone should at least overlap with the vendor company. It’s not compulsory to have all overlap but at least for few hours so that you can properly coordinate with the vendor and keep updated with the progress. Check with them when their team is available, how the connection will be, what kind of status report they will share, mode of communication, documentation, etc. It’s not always required for a whole working team to be available but at least someone should be there to talk.


These are the five top things you must look for when you’re trying to get your product developed. You should also explore the legality, contract terms, etc. to make sure all processes and terms will be smooth.

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