TigerApps are a number of different apps created specifically for Princeton students to help them study, organize their campus life and deal with all academic related issues effectively and on time. Taking into consideration the fact that Princeton University is one of the best colleges in America, there is no doubt its students have their own apps. What is more, it is a great educational tool that helps students navigate their campus life and even deal with the task of writing Princeton essays.

Course Planning Apps

  1. Princeton Courses. This app helps a student look through the available courses to find those one wishes to take.
  2. Pounce. This app is particularly useful as with its help you can see when a free spot in a desired class opens. You no longer have to visit a Princeton professor to find out about free spots. You will receive an email notification as soon as they become available.
  3. ReCal. With this app, you will be able to build a perfect schedule. What is more, you can sync it automatically with Google Calendar.

Campus Life Apps

  1. Student Room Guide. With this app, you can view floor plans and search for the rooms you need.
  2. Wintersession is an app that helps you sign up for winter classes.
  3. TigerTrade is an app that helps students trade goods. You can buy or sell something you either need or no longer need.

What is Tigerbook?

Apart from that, there is a unified directory of Princeton undergraduates called Tigerbook. It is used to find students on campus. However, it is important to highlight that Tigerbook was not created by TigerApps. It is a separate project created and managed by students.

Becoming a student at Princeton university can be a challenge. A lot of applicants fear the task of writing Princeton supplemental essays as they are not easy to complete. That is the reason why so many of them try to find out how to write the Princeton supplement essay before they get down to the accomplishment of this task. This tactic is rather effective as an applicant learns more about the unique approaches which they can use to submit an impressive Princeton supplement essay. In general, writing Princeton essays is not an easy assignment.

Yet, you need to become a student first. The application process at this educational institution presupposes that an applicant should submit a Princeton supplement essay, and the more unconventional your piece of writing is, the more chances of getting in you have. Memorable Princeton supplement essays are those which the review committee have not come across yet.

What other colleges and universities can learn from Princeton University is that developing apps for its students is a very useful thing. Students are on their phones all the time, Why not create something that will actually come in handy, such as an app that helps students navigate their own campus or sign up for a class as soon as a free spot appears? There are tons of ideas any college or university can implement in this respect.

There is no doubt their students will be really thankful. All in all, TigerApps is a superb idea that helps students at Princeton University be more productive, deal with routine tasks, as well as have everything under control. What is particularly great is that they are merely required to download a couple of apps on their phone to make their life sufficiently easier. Another beneficial aspect is that it also motivates students to work on their own apps. It won’t be surprising if the next great app designers are currently studying at Princeton as they have a superb example to follow.


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