Most of us hate maths.

Probably one of the hardest subject for the students, which haunts more than anything else for a student. One of the most dreadful thing in maths is solving equations. Solving equations tends to be a time-taking process and perhaps complex too.

For quite a few years, students have been using graphic calculators to help them out. But sadly it is usually less accurate and costs a handsome amount of money.


But don’t worry, the next big thing in maths is here; and perhaps, a wish come true for students.

Introducing PhotoMath: an mobile application which will help you solve equations like a boss. Point your camera to the equation (just like a bar code scanner, it has a redframe and you have to capture the equation in it)  and let the magic be done. It will read it, process it and solve it for you. The app uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for doing the awesomeness!

This app provides you a step by step process on how to solve that specific equation. So thisbpp is also  boon to those who are poor in the subject or study by themselves (without the help of any tutor).

The app is developing constantly, and new math is constantly added to it. Though you can solve basic decimals, fractions, algorithms and many more.

However it comes with several drawbacks too. The major being:-

  • The red frame is too small to capture big equations
  • It can only read and solve equations which are printed. So those equations which you have written.

The app is currently available on Windows Phone and iOS for free. The android version is scheduled to release later this year.

Official Website: PhotoMath