3 Things Your Homepage Needs to Be Effective 


Your business’s online presence is now more critical than ever before. A good homepage can help land new customers by engaging anyone who visits your site.

If you need help creating a brand new Homepage or want to improve the one you already have, read on to discover the three things that any good homepage has.


1. Aesthetically Pleasing and Impactful Design

A homepage is the first thing customers will see when visiting your site. Ensuring that this area of your site is pleasing to the eye is critical for meeting any marketing goals you have.

Here’s where you should focus your efforts to get the best results:

Keep it Neat

Ensure that your page is not cluttered with too many images. Though images are helpful, they can become a hindrance if too many exist. Also, keep pop-up ads to a minimum, as this annoys customers.

Make Sure Images are High Resolution

When adding images to your page, ensure they are high quality. People do not want to be staring at a fuzzy picture that makes them wonder if their wifi is giving them issues.

Have Good Color Schemes

The background color scheme of your homepage is vital. Customers will either be pleased or thrown off by your color schemes. Make sure they find them pleasing so they will want to visit more often.

2. Clear, Useful Links

You will need links on your homepage that will take people to other parts of your website. Make sure these links work well and are not buggy, and take them to the wrong location on your website.

Some of the most important links you will need are:

A Store Page

People are enjoying shopping online more now than they ever have before. You want an online website is full of good product images and descriptions to help customers know what they’re buying. But you need to ensure the way to your online store from your homepage is clear and easy to access.

An About Page

This page tells the story of your business. It tells the customers how you came to be a brand and why. It also gives detailed information on the services or products that you provide. Not including this page would be incredibly detrimental to your homepage and website.

A Contact Page

This is a simple page but extremely important. It should include all the phone numbers and emails your customers may need to get ahold of your business, as well as the physical address. Your customers need to know how they can contact and get ahold of you.

3. High-Quality Content

The homepage is not just full of images and links; it also needs actual content. There are a few things that a good homepage needs to express.

If you’re missing any of these three components, it’s time to start writing:

Brief About Info

This section should not cover all of your about info. Leave that to the About Page. However, your customers need to know what you do when they come to your website. So give a little bit about what your company does initially.

A Proposition

This small section should explain to the customer why they might need or want your services or products. Make sure to sell your product well, but be careful not to seem desperate.


A CTA (Call to Action) prompts the customer to follow through on whatever it is you’re looking for them to do. Whether you want them to download a free e-book, contact you about scheduling a service, or purchase a product, guide them to the action you want them to take.

Improve Your Homepage Now

Building a homepage can be tricky at first. However, when you use this as your checklist, you can ensure you’re on the right track!


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