6 Things You Need to Know about a Panic Alarm


What Is a Panic Alarm? How do Panic Alarms Work? What are the variants of Panic Alarms available in the market? What should be the placement of Panic Buttons? When Should You Use Your Panic Alarm? How to choose the alarms smartly?

Hey, if you are puzzled by these questions mentioned above, you are at the right place. This article gives you a thorough understanding of how panic alarm systems function.

6 Things You Need to Learn about a Panic Alarm System

What Is a Panic Alarm system?

The Panic Alarm system is an innovative device that emits alarming sound turns on when someone needs help. A panic alarm is also known as duress, SOS, private, or panic buttons. People refer to it as a digital tool that increases an alarm in emergency conditions whilst someone is anxiously looking for help.

Traditional, constant panic alarms are normally determined in retail environments in which the shop is full of valuable kinds or loaded with cash, conventional financial institutions or having a type of shop where cash transactions are high.

As the term – “call” suggests, the alarm creates a constant alarming sound (typically placed below a desk) to be induced in an emergency.

Emergency panic buttons are handy for aged persons. The older, mainly those who’ve troubles with mobility, could benefit from this button. In instances whilst they may be separated from everyone at home, they can push the alert within the occasion of a disaster. This will alert the neighbors for any help. A few buttons include broad functions like people with pre-set disaster numbers. With the most effective press of a button, the aged can call for help when in need.

How do Panic Alarm Systems Work?

A panic alarm system comprises two components: a panic button and a communication device. These two functionalities work together collectively to inform emergencies.

Panic Button

When Somebody wishes to press the panic button for the caution to sound in a panic device. Specially meant to restrict unintended situations, the panic buttons are available in all forms of customized styles.

  • Single push and multi-push buttons
  • Alternating push buttons
  • Step and pattern buttons
  • Squeeze and code buttons

Communication System

The communication system is the noisy speaker via which the alarm button communicates while pushed—the additional factor of the caution tool that it could offer support. You might also use the communication tool to reserve clinical offerings or in the police station.

What are the available variants of Panic Alarms?

Most panic alarms will function as both a siren and a silent caution. So it’s as much as you to decide the only understanding of how a panic button paints in case you buy a caution.

Siren Panic Alarms

Siren panic alarms emit a noisy alarm. The loud alarm serves as an effective attacker indicator.

Silent Panic Alarms

This communications device will silently alert the police or the security guards. This device works as opposed to making a noisy alarm in case you push the panic button. A silent panic alarm is broadly utilized in shops or financial institution conditions.

What should be the placement of Panic Buttons?

You can put a panic button almost anywhere in your house. But it’s very important to discuss the idea with your family before you finalize the placement location. Because in the absence of yours, if some situation arrives, they’ll know where your panic buttons are located and how to use them.

For example, these are some of the common locations where the panic buttons are placed

  • Bedrooms, right next to the bed
  • Children’s bedrooms
  • Panic button under your desk, home office
  • Under a store counter for shops

When Should You Use Your Panic Alarm?

In reality, an emergency panic button alarm works against any potential criminal activity. You can use your panic button whenever you’re feeling ill or if you have an accident at home. You should not feel as though you are wasting anyone’s time; you must use your alarm when necessary so that someone may check on you.

Panic alarms are useless unless the public understands how to utilize them. Therefore, provide periodic training and require staff to practice using panic buttons, especially in jobs with a high turnover rate.

Choose your panic alarm Smartly.

Keep in mind that you should have done your homework and thoroughly examined any emergency panic button before purchasing one. If you plan to get one, do thorough research about the products available in the market following the guidelines mentioned above. Then as an aware buyer pick one from the several options which are advanced with pocket-friendly rates.

Take Away:

This article focused on describing the benefits and protective measures that come with it. So now you have the knowledge to go for a smart panic alarm button that can help you for multiple purposes in life.

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