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The development of the mobile phone tracker app implies that people are interested to know the digital actions of their associates and loved ones to protect them from cyber dangers.

A survey indicates that 10 in 100 people use mobile phone tracker apps to track their employees and kids/teens. The high demand for smartphones has raised the value of phone tracker apps. In addition, people mainly require Android mobile phone tracker apps because most users own Android devices.

Are you searching for a phone tracking app that provides valuable tracking services?

Be careful while selecting the phone tracker app to track your loved ones, as many scams are offered on the internet nowadays.


  • The real hidden phone tracker never asks merely for a mobile phone number to start examining the cell phone.
  • If the webpage looks unsuitable and nonprofessional, it’s seemingly a fraud.
  • Offers a single payment method, it is a scam.

One must pay attention to these details thoroughly before selecting any mobile phone tracker app.

TheWiSpy offers quality remote features along with excellent compatibility and price plans of different ranges. Furthermore, this blog article will help you determine the best phone tracker app.

TheWiSpy Review:

TheWiSpy is a robust phone tracking app, and the reason is, it enables you to exercise flexible features and high-end functionality. People use it to track their kids, employees, and partners. The primary aim of TheWiSpy is to follow the activities in hidden mode and give real-time outcomes. It has infinite exceptional features that offer quality results. Moreover, it is an app that works with a web interface. So you can install TheWiSpy app on the target device and fetch data through an online portal.

Is it Secure to Use TheWiSpy App?

TWS, the best mobile tracker app, enables people to remotely access and track the cell phone or tablet. Many Android phone tracking apps are designed to make our connections strong, e.g., kids or family. In addition, many companies use tracker apps to enhance their work productivity.

What makes TheWiSpy the Best Phone Tracker App?

Many different people and companies have used TWS due to the qualities provided by it. Some of them are;

Reliable Phone Tracker App:

TWS is an easy and convenient-to-use tracker app. Moreover, it offers reliable features: call and SMS tracking, camera and microphone access surround recording, activity reports & 24/7 prompt alerts, etc.

Works in Hidden Mode:

TWS works in complete hidden mode in the background of the target device. Thus, the user of the end device wouldn’t be able to detect the tracking app.

Helpful Dashboard:

You can view all the data online, but it is right to receive all data appropriately. Therefore, TWS assembles the data in a precise form so that the user can easily navigate its preferences.

Without Rooting Access:

Unlike many other phone tracking apps, TWS offers non-rooted and straightforward access to all Android phones. As a result, you can install the Android tracking app in minutes without any struggle.


Any user of a tracker app needs quick results with absolute certainty that TWS grants. So you will receive real-time results with 100% correction. i.e., real-time locations, etc

How to Install TheWiSpy?

In this section, you’re going to discover the simplest way of installing TWS, the best mobile tracker app. Understand the steps with great attention. The beginning steps are essential, so let’s get started.

How to Register?

  1. Sign up for TheWiSpy plans on the website.
  2. You will have a confirmation email.
  3. You will download the app from the URL in minutes.

How to Set-up?

  1. Create your account by adding your details.
  2. Log in by a website and additional information about the target device, and it’ll bring you to a dashboard.
  3. Now you can start tracking from remote access.

How to Monitor?

  1. Sign in to your account on a website.
  2. The dashboard has all tracking features. You can select features that best match your requirements.
  3. Start tracking!

TheWiSpy Features:

Unnecessary screen time can unlock the bars for unwanted cyber issues. That’s the reason it is critical to track your child’s or employee’s online spaces. TheWiSpy helps companies and guardians follow their kids’ or employees’ digital activities and find their locations to protect them from online dangers.

Here is a flash at some of the primary features of TheWiSpy:

  • GPS Tracking:

As a parent or employer, you cannot follow your child or employee every time. But, TWS location tracking helps you to track their locations. It marks the real-time location also.

  • Call Tracking & Blocking:

Call tracking is an essential feature for the Android tracker app. Companies and parents can secretly track their teens’ or employees’ incoming and outgoing calls using such means. Furthermore, you can block offensive contacts, view frequent caller names and contact details.

  • Text Messages Tracking:

Text messages are the most common means of communication. It has been noted that a significant number of children are engaged in sexting and use inappropriate language and inapt code words while chatting with their fellows and friends. With TWS text message tracker, parents and employers can track sent and received messages of their target device.

  • App blocking:

The internet is full of different social and gaming apps. Unfortunately, some apps have illicit content that can divert kids’ minds. Or employees may waste their time on these addictive apps. TWS allows you to block or restrict app usage through its app blocking feature.

  • Remote Camera Access:

This feature is rare in Android tracking apps. But, the best mobile tracker app offers to track the surroundings of the target device. In addition, it allows you to capture images and videos by remote camera access.

  • Screen Recording:

The user can view the current screen of the target device. In addition, with the screen recording feature TWS offers, you can track and record live screens.

  • 24/7 Prompt Alerts:

TheWiSpy notifies you about all the notifications that belong to the target device.

  • Wi-Fi Connections:

TWS notifies you about all the Wi-Fi and other local internet connections that help you get your target devices’ localities.

Other Features:

  • Activity reports.
  • Contact book access.
  • Microphone access.
  • Geo-fencing.
  • And many more.

Compatibility – TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy Android tracking app is compatible with Android smart devices. If your end device operates on Android 4.0 or a higher version, then TheWiSpy is adaptable.

Price Plans – TheWiSpy:

It has three different packages for tracking Android smart devices:

  1. Basic – 1 month $19.99
  2. Premium – 1 month $29.99
  3. Platinum – 1-month $49.99

Final Thought:

We have discussed all the usual details of TheWiSpy in this article, from its features to how to install it. So, if you’re searching for any phone tracker to track someone’s activities remotely, TWS offers reliable features and quality results. Must consider TheWiSpy once.

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