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Theme Planet, with its great designs and matchless themes, it is an upcoming world of mercantile activities. It offers users a diverse package of premium website themes and templates at a low price. It promises to have backward compatible templates which would be including HTML5 templates using the most current W3C wed design standards, transforming the way a site is presented, without altering the underlying software.

Theme Planet also offers entire fresh and wide range of themes for system software and companies like WordPress, Magneto, and Shopify etc.

Overview of ThemePlanet, Free WordPress Theme

1). Graphic Design

The design of the website is remarkable; also the theme of the site is very fascinating with an attractive gradient of purple and jungle blue shade which creates a deep and lenient surrounding for the readers. Steering through the site is very easy. The creators have spent a lot of time and energy in making the site look extremely appealing and extremely perfect. The designers have maintained the consistency of the site throughout in all the pages keeping it well-ordered and easy to understand. No mess is created throughout the site, also the products are displayed in a temperate manner and not exaggerating the things. This makes the site even more attractive.

2). Sites Intent

Through the externals of the site, the intent is very clear, it concentrates mainly on the themes and templates, it focuses on the needs of the users and thus makes it easily understandable by the customers, and also the prices are kept low for the user. It is easy to comprehend what the site is conveying; first-time visitors can easily make out the motive of this site. The themes and templates offered by them are quite attractive; it also gives an opportunity to choose among the three free themes that it offers.

Key Features to Be Noted

  • Adjustable Templates: The outline of the website mechanically arranges itself according to the device dimensions, so it can be opened in any device, the user does not have to worry about the device size. The same site works across all the devices and do not need a platform specific version to be developed.
  • SEO Friendly: The name Theme Planet completely defines the job the website, thus just typing “theme” or “templates” in the search engine might direct you to the website of Theme Planet. This reduces the traffic that comes to a website through search engines.
  • Catchy Domain Name: It is good to have an easy to remember domain name so that the users does not have to struggle with it. It has an easy domain name i.e. which does not confuse the users as well as the search engines.
  • Fast Loading: The website is fast loading, the site does not take much time to load which makes it more notable and it will help it to reach higher rankings in a search engine.

Pros & Cons

The site has worked hard to not have any pitfalls and to be proved beneficial for its customer. Theme Planet has sober design and a well ordered theme which is beneficial for the users. Its fast loading helps users save their time and its low price themes helps user to save their money as well. It creates a very good impression on the users. Because of its simple design and user friendly website, the company will grow in no time.

As for the giveaway of three free themes with unlimited adds up, there are still a very few of them, the collection is still very small but for a new company like this, the start-up is good but we expect a few more themes in the near future.

With its design, the company will sure be able to attract clients but we hope that they introduce more number of themes for the clients to choose, this will help the company to grow more.

The Final Verdict

Theme Planet is a UK based company that provides various themes and templates whether it be a simple one or a classy one as per the requirements of the customers.

The basic things like layout, designs etc. are kept sober and are neatly organised so that there is no confusion. The colour coordination is nice and soothing, no mess is created in the site, and also things are presented in a straight forward manner. Prices are kept low so that users can easily afford them. The site is open to all; customers can freely contact them through online networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if they find any problem.

Theme Planet will not disappoint its users in any way.

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