From the viewpoint of a user, the computer is a common device that works according to the commands and languages. However, this is true to some extent, but there are lot many things behind the language and applications on which this device runs and that can be explained by an expert only.

Node.js makes an application runtime environ which permits you to script server-side applications within JavaScript. Given to its distinguishing I/O model, it does excellent within the real-time and scalable scenarios that you very much demand of your servers. It is too much light in weight, effective, and its capability to utilize JavaScript over both backend and frontend throws open novel routes for progression. It is not surprising that very large firms tend to leverage Node, js in production.

Node.js test

The Node.js test gauges contender’s fundamental learning of Node.js. An applicant is required to be conversant with both backend and frontend uses and also JavaScript so that to shape up the websites in the programming language – JavaScript. An applicant is needed to reply to twenty queries having four options. The test consists of queries regarding Node. Js fundamentals, debugging, modules, web server, REPL etc.

Features of Node.js

Below are enlisted several crucial characteristics concerning Node.js that is taken as the first pick by software architects.

Exceedingly swift

Node. Js has been built on V8 JavaScript engine of Google Chrome, hence its library is extremely rapid within code implementation.

I/O is an event –steered and asynchronous

The whole of the APIs of the Node. Js library tends to be asynchronous which implies it is non-blocking. Hence, a Node.js dependent server does never lay in wait for an API to give back data. The server goes up to next API subsequent to calling it and also a notification method relating to Events of the Node. Js assists the server in obtaining a response from the preceding API call.

Single threaded

It goes after one threaded model in conjugation with event looping

Highly Scalable

Node. Js forms incredibly scalable on the ground that event mechanism aids the server to act in response within a non-blocking manner.

No buffering

Node. Js diminishes the general processing time and at the same time uploading video and audio files. Its applications do not ever buffer any information. Such applications merely output the information in chunks.

Open source

Node. Js possesses an open source community that has crafted a multitude of outstanding modules to incorporate added abilities to Node, js applications.


Node. Js got released under the license of the MIT.

Object Databases

Conventional SQL databases happen to be found on the relational model that utilizes tables. However, Node. Js applications utilize object databases such as MongoDB. It utilizes documented- a dependent model that utilizes entities looking like JSON in place of tables.


Applications put up by other languages tend to be less adaptive at the time of added scripts included in favor of novel needs. Developers require bringing about alteration deep within the code. However, Node. Js possesses a horde of small applications in place of one and huge application. This sort of characteristics permits developers to include a novel functionality with extreme ease, rapid and there is no necessity to bring about alterations deep within the code.

Host Anywhere

On the basis of its ease, a huge number of developers utilize Node. Js, and it outperforms other web applications. Approximately, the whole of the web servers, along with cloud-based hosting providers, such as Azure, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and various others back hosting pertaining to Node.Js web applications. Currently, a multitude of corporate leaders utilizes Node. Js.

An international networking site named LinkedIn shifted to Node from Ruby to take care of their (manage) mobile traffic. It brought down the count of servers from thirty to three, that is just about ninety percent cutback in server utilization, and this system was disposed to be twenty –fold rapid. The entire count of these figures obviously signifies Node. Js does well very swiftly in comparison to other technologies.

Applications of Node. js

Real-time collaboration devices

The application of real-time collaboration proffers a broad array of software solutions in favor of co-browsing, collaborative editing pertaining to documents, application sharing, audio- video conferencing, project management, and a lot more. Amid the most reputed collaboration applications, you must state Slack for group chats and handling distant teams, Google Docs meant for collective editing pertaining to documents and Trello in favor of project management.

With regard to the real-time chats, you must know Node. Js is non-blocking, and event-dependent architecture makes a big fit in favour of collaboration apps. Within such applications, a huge number of I/O requests and events take place simultaneously. Such as some users are capable of editing a similar paragraph, post messages, comment, and attach media. Alterations brought to a single portion of content shall be applied merely subsequent a gush of events, where every step relies on the preceding one.

Streaming apps

Node. Js forms an outstanding for shaping up streaming applications on the ground of its native Stream API. Specifically, Node. Js possesses an interface of scriptable and readable streams which may be processed and scrutinized extremely ably. Stream cases are fundamentally Unix pipes which permit passing on portions relating to the app’s executable code in the direction of the local machine and at the same time making available a connection for novel constituents so that to download on request.

Streams permit users to pipe pleas to one another and also stream information straight towards its ultimate destination. By way of bonus, streams don’t necessitate temporary data and caching, simply an open connection so that to stream application information from place to place.

Micro-services Architecture

Node.js makes an exceptional solution for shaping up micro-services and crafting simple –to- utilize APIs to link them. Specifically, Node. Js repository characteristics Koa and Express frameworks that render it simple to mount some server cases in favor of every design and micro-service routing addresses meant for them.


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