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The term white noise describes different types of ambient sounds, usually those of simple appliances like a hairdryer or air conditioner. From a technical standpoint, in order to be classified as white noise, the noise needs to have the same amplitude and intensity throughout the audible frequency range. This is often described as having a flat spectral density.

Most commonly, white noise is used to mask other (less pleasant) sounds, which makes it quite helpful in improving one’s sleep pattern and helping them relax. Still, how good of a method is this actually? Are there any downsides to using a white noise machine to achieve it? Is this really the best way to reduce the volume in your home, or are there some superior alternatives? Let’s find out!

What are White Noise Machines?

Previously, we’ve mentioned that white noise comes from appliances like hairdryers. However, there’s a more efficient way to get white noise. What if, instead of a device that produces that unnecessary (for this purpose, at least) excess function, you had a machine that makes just the white noise. This is what white noise machines are, and this is their sole purpose.

Noise Machine PROS

Investing in a noise machine is a popular decision in 2022 for a number of advantages and quality of life improvements it provides its users with. Here are some of the biggest pros of using white noise machines.

Best in combination with other methods

While white noise can help set the ambiance, the truth is that you’re looking for a combination of methods to improve the noise structure in your home. When looking for efficient sound masking methods, you also want to work on the acoustics of your home. Installing solar panels and making sure your windows and doors have the desired acoustic properties is always a huge plus.


The cost of a white noise machine is one of the most commonly mentioned cons. The thing is that while some of them are not as expensive, some argue that you have a lot of free ways to make white noise. Just remember that all of these devices spend power and that, in this regard, a white noise machine is far more energy-efficient. In other words, it all comes down to short- or long-term investment on your part.

Quite useful for babies

The next thing worth mentioning is that white noise may be quite helpful in putting your baby to sleep. According to some surveys, about 8 out of 10 babies fall asleep faster because of the white noise. However, it also comes down to your own child and the way it responds to this stimulus. It can also be situationally quite helpful if your child is going through a particularly restless period. Apart from this, there are indications that it lowers the risk of SIDS.

Better sleep overall

The next thing worth taking into consideration is the impact on the overall quality of sleep. A white noise machine can help you go to sleep faster, sleep for longer, and improve the quality of sleep. Seeing as how the quality of sleep affects virtually everything that you do, this is a great improvement to your quality of life as a whole.

Additional mental boosts

Other than all the above-listed, white noise machines are known to reduce your overall anxiety levels, which, in this day and age, tends to be quite useful. It can also alleviate headaches (and migraines), which you would be unable to get rid of otherwise. On top of it all, it boosts your memory and helps you focus on the task at hand. This is a major cognitive boost that you should never overlook.

White Noise Machines CONS

Of course, noise machines are not perfect, nor are they a universal solution to all of your problems. In general, tech can be used to improve your work-life balance, but this method has its limitations. Here are some cons of using these devices to lull yourself to sleep.

It can be irritating

The truth is that these white noise devices can be both irritating and distracting. Sure, after a while, you may forget about it even being there, but subconsciously, you might remain under its effects. As a result, it will lessen the noises around you and turn them into a sort of a blur, but this might not be as positive as it sounds.

The risk of hearing damage

While white noise should, in theory, be quite passive and atmospheric, if it’s too close or too loud, it will eventually become quite risky. Now, this risk really isn’t that high but the fact that its presence can make some people uneasy. Once you become too cautious of this, things might become less pleasant, and you might become less comfortable about it all.

Less aware while asleep

This doesn’t sound that bad, but you need to keep in mind the importance of being ready for danger. You want to be able to get woken up in the case of danger. We’re not just talking about the likelihood of a burglary but the sound of your family member coughing or choking, etc. It is important that you’re always ready to spring into action, and this won’t be so easy with a white noise machine on.

In Conclusion

In the end, whether this machine is a good idea or not depends on your unique situations and your priorities. Overall, it’s a health (both physical and mental) boost and a method to make your life a bit easier. The downsides are quite easy to avoid as long as you’re aware of their existence and for as long as you’re cautious enough.