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The Meaning of Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Last Updated on February 2, 2021

Life is a long journey. In the process, people often give colorful gifts for various reasons. A gift of love means more than the gift itself, feeling loved is the meaning of a gift. While giving gifts, people also give different meanings to the gifts. Want to know what little thoughts your partner is hiding in the gifts he gives you on Valentine’s Day? If you want to send flowers to China, welcome to sammygift.

For girlfriend.


  1. Ring: represents love to your heart, willing to be ringed for your love
  2. necklace: on behalf of the lock you tightly, hope that your heart is only him, no other person of the opposite sex

  3. Bracelet: represents in addition to want to circle you, but also implies that he only loves you a person

  4. Bracelet: on behalf of want to tie you for life

  5. Ankle bracelet: represents to bind


Red roses–representing passionate and true love.

White roses–representing innocence

Black roses–representing gentle and sincere

Blue roses–representing generosity and kindness.

Rose – courting

Stargazer – love and pity

Lilies – good relationship

Sunflower – love and admiration

Red bean – love for each other

Tulip – love allegory

Margarita – lover love

Meaning of chocolates.

Hazelnut chocolate–faithfulness

Nut chocolate – lovely

Chocolate with wine heart – drunk with you

Milk chocolate – my honey

For boyfriend.

  1. watch

See you every day, see you every hour, see you every minute, see you every second, stay with you every minute; watch can also be seen as time, time to see clearly whether you love each other means.

  1. wind chimes

If you are a boy, the girl sends you wind chimes, it means …… break up. Of course wind chimes and miss, miss the meaning. But it is best not to just send people wind chimes. The total meaning is not very good, you can buy it for yourself, hanging in a ventilated room with a melancholy happy sentiment.

  1. Lighter —- lighter represents fire, fire represents passion, represents crush.
  2. Scarf

① wrap around him/her ② give him/her warmth, show your concern ③ is a warm heart, delicate, generous means of showing love

5.cup —- lifetime

  1. gloves —- can not escape her / his palm
  2. comb —- is a kind of heart! The comb represents the love, representing the other party misses very much miss you! Comb every day to comb the hair also represents its closeness to you, representing the white head with the old! Comb also represents health, happiness! To sweep the troubles away, to open the heart, and combing the hair will give people the spirit, bring confidence!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, I hope it will bring you some inspiration.


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