The Key to Content Marketing for Your E-learning Startup


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Whether you are an e-Learning course development startup or a learning management system (LMS) company, managing and marketing your content in the right way should be your main motto.

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And why not? The core competency that an eLearning course business depends upon is their content, after all.

If you are starting up in the eLearning and training courses industry, here is why content marketing is essential and the rules to abide to see maximum growth in the shortest span.

Read on.

Why is e-Learning content marketing an excellent idea for your startup?

As per CMI reports, eLearning content marketing is booming today. In the year 2015 itself, there were about 77% of B2C companies, 86% or B2Bs, and about 61% of nonprofits in America alone that were using the tactics of content marketing.

But if that doesn’t convince you, here are some reasons that might just.

  • It’s a minimal investment: If you are skilled or have enough capital to invest in hiring suitable expertise for your content marketing strategy, it is a substantially profitable investment.
  • A source of good traffic: Gaining relevant traffic for your business is the key to increasing sales at any point. Content marketing ensures that everything, from your ads to articles, is targeted to your audience only. With its help, you can effectively appeal to the existing customers and as quickly expand your reach to attract new prospects as well.
  • Raising brand awareness: Building up a reliable brand trumps every other marketing method when it comes to customer retention and acquisition. With the help of the right content marketing, you will be able to propagate your brand name effectively towards the audience.
  • It establishes a connection: Appealing to human emotions has been one of the best ways of making yourself heard. Content marketing can help you increase this affinity. When you regularly push your beliefs, feelings, expertise towards your audience in the form of content, it becomes a means of connection for the audience. This way, you can not only attract more people to your page but also establish yourself as an expert in the field.

How to develop your content marketing strategy?

Many trends are going on in the eLearning industry today, like AR, VR, gamification, Microlearning, etc. The key to building your content marketing strategy is to be aware of what is trending, as well as necessary for your audience.

For instance, Microlearning is a highly accessible, mobile learning-based training concept that requires the user to spend only a few minutes every day on learning. Thus, the eLearning Content Providers for MicroLearning will aim at finding topics and keywords related to Microlearning for creating promotional content.

Let’s see how.

  1. Keyword Research: According to digital and social eLearning content providers, keywords are the building blocks of content marketing strategy. The fundamental questions you should aim at solving with your keyword research are:
    1. Who are the people who will use your course/content?
    2. Why will they select your service?

You can use the Google AdWords keyword planner to accomplish this. With the help of the questions mentioned above, your keyword research can begin smoothly and in a productive direction. You can also make use a special tool to quickly analyze your grammar as well.

Another crucial step to remember here is to keep an eye out for your competitor’s keywords and their rankings.

2. Writing headlines and titles

Once you have pulled out the best workable keywords for your content, you can begin crafting the headlines for your content articles and website content. It is finally time to pull organic traffic to your website.

An essential factor of article titles is that, even if they are based on straightforward keywords, they still need to be creative and eye-catching. The reason for this is that several websites might use a simple keyword in many creative ways, and the page that gets the most number of clicks ranks higher on SERPs.

3. Scheduling

Finding the perfect balance of keywords, content, and time is what right content strategies are all about.

To launch a successful campaign, you would need to build a strategic content calendar and schedule your posts accordingly to gain maximum engagement.

The factors to account here are:

  • The frequency of posts.
  • The most active time duration according to time zones.
  • Seasonal or occasional content relevancy
  • Implications of posting time


To tailor an excellent content marketing strategy take expertise and experience, so make sure you have got all the grounds covered.

All the best!

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