Even if you are at least a little bit familiar with the specifics of search engine optimization, you understand how important SEO keywords are in regard to site ranking. Just take a closer look at the most searched keywords on google and you will see how vital it is to make sure your text contains proper keywords. Reputed SEO companies like Better Marketing Results know the importance of keywords in SEO. According to them, it is the first step of any SEO campaign. If the keywords are not chosen correctly, the whole effort that one is going to put in will be useless.

This way, your website gets to be ranked higher in google search which means that people are more likely to click on it. No matter whether you want people to learn more about how to write a 500-word essay or get them to buy some products, you need to find out more about the significance of keywords in your text. Here are the main aspects to consider.

1. On-page keywords

On-page keywords are of huge importance. They are often viewed as some of the most established ranking factors. If you want to find out more about google keywords, this is the place to start as on-page keywords are often referred to as the so-called traditional SEO. Here are the details:

  • Page title (make sure the keywords appear in the beginning of your title)
  • Headings (the main keywords for the page should be your <h1> tags as well)
  • Frequency of keywords in text (they should appear at least once)
  • LSI keywords (check whether you can find keywords that are closely related to the field in question)

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2. Off-page keywords

Sometimes off-page keywords have more importance than on-page ones. There are quite a few aspects to consider in this respect as well. If you are writing about 500 words pages to help students learn how to write the 500-word essay pages, such keywords as 500-word article and 500 words pages should definitely be used. Check what other relevant keywords you can use to make sure the target audience manages to find the website right when they type a certain keyword or phrase. Here are the most vital aspects to pay special attention to:

  • Anchor text (This is one of the most significant factors in regards to website ranking. What it means is that the relevant anchor text shows that other sites view the content as relevant as well. Don’t overuse the option of anchor text optimisation because it may result in creating a negative ranking signal. Thus, your rankings will be severely damaged)
  • Internal link anchor text (Internal links count as much as external ones. Don’t forget that. Make sure you use your keywords within the internal links, especially those keywords that appear in the navigation of your website)
  • Linking domain relevance (There is no need to highlight how important the domain that links to you is. It needs to be relevant to the keywords you use, especially when you want to increase the relevance of the linked pages). You can also seek professional help from reputed organizations like Cincinnati SEO Company.
  • Linking page relevance (The relevance of the page as a whole is another significant aspect to consider. What is more, don’t forget that the text which surrounds the links is equally important. It plays its role in showing that the links are in context. Therefore, it becomes possible to make them pass more relevance to the target page)
  • Co-occurrence (What this aspect represents is the correlation between a page and the targeted keywords in relation to the content available all over the internet. For instance: if a certain site is often mentioned alongside a variety of keywords, the connection between the two will be indicated even when they are not linked)
  • Social Media as a ranking signal (the keywords which you are going to use for your social media campaigns should be relevant to the ones you use on the website However, you should keep in mind those social media keywords do not have a direct impact on your SEO rankings. Social media platforms are a great additional tool. Yet, they are not the most important ones when it comes to SEO rankings).

3. Why it matters

The main reason why keywords are so important is that they are still the primary tool for the ranking of your website in Google or any other search engine. No matter whether you are going to have a 500 word or a 100 word text on your page, make sure your keywords are relevant. However, don’t spam your 500 word article with keywords as well. It won’t look good. As always, everything should be in moderation.

Ensure your web content is optimized the right way by seeking professional help. For instance, an SEO service Kingston company provides on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, and SEO monitoring. Website owners can hire their services to help them rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

If your website lands a good SERP ranking, your web pages become more visible and accessible to your target audience. Hence, they’ll likely click your web pages to find the information you can supply to answer their queries. Once your target audience deems your answers relevant to their needs, they’ll spend more time on your website.

Because your audience spends more time navigating through your website, you have more opportunities to promote your products and services. For example, you can subtly introduce the importance of the product or service you’re offering through your blog by suggesting that your readers try it for themselves. This is called content marketing.

You can expand your content marketing to other digital marketing strategies, such as affiliate marketing and social media marketing. You’ll be able to boost your sales by incorporating various digital marketing campaigns. Aside from that, you’ll establish brand awareness and familiarity, build a good business reputation, and promote excellent customer experience and engagement for long-term success.


Taking everything into account, learn as much as possible about keywords are other important SEO tools before you start writing that article about 500 words pages. Apart from making sure you have created some useful content about 500 words pages, you also need to make certain that your article will find its target audience. That is the reason why keywords still have such a huge impact on the website ranking.