The Hunt for the Right PPC Agency


PPC agency definition

It executes pay-per-click campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Quora Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. Keep in mind that you normally go to an agency for a bundle of services, and PPC may be one of them.

Why do PPC?

To maximize your marketing spend and revenues. Even if more marketing tasks are automated, you still need someone who can improve this area. With a higher budget, you may obtain more by employing an expert. Whether it’s a team member, freelancer, or agency, most of these recommendations should help.


Define a clear objective for yourself (not your coworkers). Saying you want to “increase sales” may be tempting, but you should clarify what you want from this partnership.


Goals should be quantifiable and time-bound. For example, how much and when should you sell?

Align objectives

Keep your agency’s goals aligned with your next quarter or year’s goals. Your team goals should be the same.

Consider metrics

Consider your company’s strategy, sales attribution, present outcomes, and outside influences on future results. Digital marketing is quantifiable, but you can’t forecast everything (2022 has proven that more than we hoped), so consider results, initiatives, and soft wins.

Maintain it

Don’t confine partners to one channel or activity. If they’re proactive and see promise in a different project throughout your collaboration, be ready to pursue it. Flexible goals and plans are needed.

Choose well-known firms

Recommendations from trusted individuals are the best trust indication. The company’s website looks great. Everyone’s thrilled and counting money as conversions rise. People who trust you can tell you about actual difficulties.

Find related projects.

SaaS, eCommerce, and offline work demand diverse talents. Check if your partners have expertise with your business strategy, audience, and company size.

Check tests

We can’t expect professionals to give all their knowledge, but bragging rights are always welcome. You can see their work ethic and outcomes. Relative numbers might be deceptive. 1000 percent growth from 1 lead is merely 10 leads, so it’s not very amazing.


Signed positive reviews are always a plus. Definitely.

Understand your business

Not only the business model. Niche and market environment matter. Is there anyone in the agency that understands your sports brand’s audience, media they read, best channel to reach them, lingo, latest news, communication style, etc.?

Passionate (or easily-passionate) businesspeople frequently perform better.

Campaign test

Exactly. It will slow down the hiring process, but you’ll make better decisions. A basic exam won’t tell you everything, but it will help you prepare. Not just results, but also communication style, how they convey findings, what questions they ask, and how they execute with minimal information.

If they can produce early results and sense your business before full-time partnership and knowledge exchange, it’s a good fit and you don’t need much more to make it productive.

If you’re short on time, compare ideas and plans. Here are digital marketing interview questions. If you’re making a tender or competition for the best bid, it’s excellent practice to reimburse the agency for the job. Best marketers won’t waste unbillable hours competing with tens of agencies.

Determine your employees

Ask who will be your principal contact and who will conduct the job in the final agreement. Marketing companies often deploy their best personnel and management to gain the client, then delegate the task to less experienced juniors.

It’s alright if it works, but it’s good to know how collaboration will seem. Also, check your contractor’s open positions. If they promise to hire the top individuals, experts, and gurus yet have below-average recruiting circumstances, something is wrong.

Safely exit

It may seem wrong to end a partnership before it begins, but it’s not a marriage. Plan ahead because you probably won’t work with the same agency forever.

Make that your side owns the ad platform accounts, data, and IP developed throughout the collaboration. If you do SEO and they accumulated backlinks, developed other websites, etc., make sure nothing stops when your collaboration ends. Any questions? Ask. Every phrase must be understood. You don’t want a vague provision to return in 3 years.

In general, it’s best to write the contract anticipating problems. If everything went smoothly, you wouldn’t need a contract.

Pick a billing model

Budget first. Some agencies will inquire, but it’s not necessary to establish it right away. Professionals will inquire about your aims and inform you how much to spend. You should have ballpark estimates.

Performance marketing, growth hacking, and pay-per-click campaigns improve sales or intermediate goals (leads, MQLs, SQLs, brand awareness, brand recognition, customer satisfaction, etc.). It’s tempting to base agency fees on results, but it seldom works out. Consider some popular models.

Notice how they communicate

If you’ve already hired an agency, keep communications open. You’re still a customer. You can’t just sign and wait. Cooperate!

Ensure your staff has all they need to complete their task, but watch whether their communication has declined because they no longer have to battle for you.

Sending all agreed-upon reports? Are they innovative? Have weekly/biweekly status calls? Fast email response?

A quick reaction is a basic yet solid measure of your agency’s motivation.


Effective customer contact should not be disruptive. If you went through every stage of the recruiting process, you’ve made the proper option.

Create a safe place to explore, encourage bold ideas, and recognize that mistakes will happen. Otherwise, success will be difficult.

Regular feedback on marketing initiatives and cooperation is a fantastic idea. Feedback is bidirectional. Client. You’re paying, so set the tone and have expectations, but be open to party ideas.

Here’s how it works:

Freelancer vs. agency?

Sometimes you don’t need to hire the complete company. Working with freelancers is typically cheaper, therefore let’s look at the pros and cons of this arrangement.

It’s cheaper than paying office managers, HR professionals, new business managers, and other support workers. Freelancers charge by the job.

You can start with a modest budget, but to employ an agency, you need a large project. Freelancers can work a few hours per week and more if needed.

In an agency, you normally talk to your account manager, who distributes work to specialists. Freelancers let you talk to frontline workers.

It’s straightforward and fast to create and end a partnership.

Recruiting an agency team is generally faster than hiring freelancers.

Difficult for major projects — at an agency, professionals in every field help each other. Freelancers have limited time and specializations.

Brand Lift Digital may just be the right Google Ads Management Company for your PPC endeavors. Not only you would get an individualized marketing plan that is tailored to your business, but you would also gain from the agency’s prowess in your specific niche.

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