The future of search: SEO forecast for 2014


Have you ever thought about the future of search ? Here are a few predictions for what may happen to SEO in the year 2014. They are just things that may happen or that could happen if Google keeps going down the same path as it is going.

¤ Questions More Than Keywords

Google is very fond of its Google
suggestion auto complete that comes up when you type things into the search engine. It is not beyond the realms of possibility for them to start lowering their dependence on keywords and
making it more about questions. There may come a time when webmasters are not fighting over the most popular keywords, but are fighting over the most popular questions.

It will be up to them to answer the questions with the content of their web pages. They have already moved the Google keyword tool out of public use. The only way you can get to it is to go through the Google AdWords system. This is an indication that they are moving slowly away from keywords and closer towards things such as questions.

¤ An Algorithm that Can Appreciate Web Design

Currently the Google search engine cannot tell a good looking website from a bad looking one. It can tell if the website is poorly written or if it has bad writing on it, but it cannot tell if the website is a stale CMS design, or if it is a fantastic and creative human construction and design.

There is a chance that in the near future they will create an algorithm that is at least able to spot a website that is well laid out and that is pleasing to the eye. This may then grow into an algorithm that is able to appreciate the design of a website as oppose to just judging the written and the HTML content on and in it.

¤ Content that is Duplicated Will be Punished Correctly

This is really pushing it, but it would be nice if Google could find a way of figuring out who owns the rights to what. It would be nice if you could put a post on your website and then if it is stolen the other person is punished by Google and not the pair of you.

The trouble is that even if a person puts the text online first, it does not mean that the person who put in on first is the legitimate owner, and Google knows this so they punish both. Still, it would be nice if they could
figure out a way of punishing the right people.

¤ Ignoring Spam Instead of Punishing it

This would be a nice thing to happen, even though it is not too likely. The way it stands at the moment is if you create spam links, then you will be punished by the Google search engine. They will rank your website lower or they will kick you off of Google
altogether. This is because spamming links is a method that used to manipulate the search engine into ranking pages higher. It is a great way of stopping people from spamming.

The flaw with their rule is that if you have an online enemy, then you can set up a spam bot to spam links to their website, and their website will be off of Google within a few weeks. It would be nice if Google came up with an algorithm change next year so that spammed links do not cause them to punish you. Instead, they simply ignore the spammed links so that they cannot cause any sort of SEO boost, whilst also cause no damage. This would make it harder for your online enemies to kick you off of Google.

¤ Auto-generative Outgoing Links Will be Punished

At the moment, Google is not very good at punishing websites that use auto-generators for outgoing links. It is because they have no way of knowing which links were auto generated and which ones you have added yourself. However, they will probably come up with a solution to this in the year 2014, and auto generated outgoing links will be a thing of the past.

They may be working towards it right now, as there are already hints that the links you put on your website affect your own SEO. For example, if you put a bunch of varied outgoing links on one page and they seem to have no real theme, then Google is supposed to lower your search engine ranking a little as punishment.

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  • Nice article. I especially agree with #10. SEO is less tactics, more strategy. No quick fixes these days. A thorough, long term plan with a carefully thought out strategy is a necessity for success.

  • having social page is more effective, you can create groups, leave comments and look for millions of new clients

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