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Most freelancers work from home, which can have its benefits and drawbacks. Working from home can let you work wherever you want, unlike where you have to share an office with others. You eat home-cooked meals and take a break from working in your backyard. It is cost-effective, easy, and convenient.

The biggest drawback is that home is a place people associate with rest and entertainment and often, working can be difficult knowing that the TV or bedroom is right in front of you. If you have kids, working may become almost impossible.

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However, the key to working effectively is a great home office. The right home office will boost your energy levels, get your mindset for work, and keep other residents checked. Here are a few home office ideas to help create the perfect office.

Set aside some space for your computer, books, and other stationery 

Getting sufficient space for your job tools will help you get more out of your day and keep sane. If you have a sizable home, consider getting a separate study or home office. However, if you are like most people living in tiny city apartments, get a desk for your home office keyboard and mouse, and strive to keep this space clutter-free.

Avoid working in bed, because you will most likely fall asleep, and you will start associating the bed with your work, which may not be great for relaxation. By keeping your work area localized, you will switch your mind between work time and relaxation time. Also, ensure that your home office desk and chair set you select are ergonomic; nothing dampens productivity like back, neck, or muscle pain, eventually becoming worse.

Remain organized

To keep your home office modern and clutter-free, go paperless as much as possible. Work with scans of receipts, invoices, and other documents. When you need hard copies, systematically file them, for instance, by date and year.

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Going paperless will go a long way if you are working in law, taxes, or finance. Also, try to keep food and drinks away from your work area. All it takes to ruin essential documents or a laptop is one spill, which can set you back days and cash in repairs. Before you sit down to work every day, declutter your desk by removing the trash to keep everything where it should be.

Make it appealing

You are working from home, which means that you can do whatever you want to make the office a place you can work in. From natural and artificial home office lighting to plants, flowers, painting, the best exercise equipment, and framed art, get yourself a budget and transform your home office into a delightful, personalized place. However, remember that it needs to be functional as well, so do not overdo the decorations.

Consider storage

Where will you place the files, hard drives, and books? Get creative with shelves, racks, and bookcases that will provide sufficient space and act as a great backdrop for video conferences. With an organized storage system, working from home will become less hectic as you will know exactly where everything is at all times. You can also get hard drives to store bulky soft copy files.

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Stock your office adequately

Get sufficient paper, staplers, pens, and other stationery and tools that you need to work efficiently without darting in and out of the office too often. You can also bring in some energy bars to keep you going or install a mini-fridge with cold drinks for you to enjoy over breaks. Moving about is one way to lower productivity, and it increases the risk of getting distracted by other family members.


The tips above should help you separate work from relaxation time so that none interferes with the other. By cooperating with your family members and getting breaks in-between, working from home can become a productive venture. If you have any additional tips or queries, please share them in our comment section.

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