Mobile app development cost

Developing top-notch products or apps that users will enjoy is difficult faced by startups, medium-sized firms, and large corporations. To create apps or digital products of the highest caliber a dedicated development team, solid IT infrastructure, and trustworthy delivery facilities. To deal with such custom web development projects, there are numerous accessible approaches. The company should find the right people and make a team who can work together and deliver the project before the deadline. High quality specialists are needed in this case. Well, let’s define the cost of qualified services.

What are the types of custom mobile app development?

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There are three types of mobile apps: Native, Hybrid, and Web. Let’s quickly go through them.

  •           Native Mobile App Development Service. Native mobile apps are designed to be “native” to one platform. So, they fit a specific operating system like iOS, Android, Windows etc. You can perform with the same functions, design, but it will be different programs. Whatever its iOS or Android mobile app, a development process takes more time and budget. If you’re looking to create a complex and unique mobile app, an app development approach will be your best choice. Native services are faster and use less battery power and memory. WhatsApp and Spotify are one of them.

  •           Web Mobile App Development Service. They are adaptations of sites, scaled to fit the different screen sizes of mobile devices. However, they are not allowed to access the hardware of users like native ones. And need to be downloaded and installed. Facebook and Pinterest are examples of web apps.

  •           Hybrid Mobile App Development Service. It is something between native and web apps. They have limited access to hardware and need an internet connection to download content. But the design does not adapt to different screen size, which affect performance speed. At the same time, it saves time and resources. These services operate on a small amount of information. The most famous examples are Gmail and Twitter.

–    Cross-platform Mobile App Development Service. Cross-platform app development allows creating solutions for both iOS and Android at once.

Mobile app development cost and timeframes

According to the most trustworthy mobile app industry surveys, in-house mobile app development costs and timeframes are as follows: the average app development cost is $171,450 (based on a $150/hour rate), equalling 1,143 development hours. The average cost of an app development project is from $5,000 to $10,000.

The average price of developing a mobile business app is $140,000. In terms of app development timelines, over 80% of mobile apps take 3+ months to develop, while 40% of apps require 6+ months.

The price of various services and goods always depends on various factors. For example, the price of transportation and delivery depends on the price of fuel, distance, etc. Similarly, the price of mobile app development depends on various factors specific to this industry.

The following are the most critical aspects that influence the final cost of developing an app:

  •       Type of vendor and location

  •       The number of app features and their complexity

  •       The infrastructure of backend and APIs

  •       UX/UI design complexity

  •       Methodology for development (native, mobile web, hybrid, etc.)

  •       The number of platforms that will be created (iOS, Android, web, etc.)

This is an approximate list of factors affecting the custom mobile app development price. However, do not forget about some “hidden” costs. Often they are not taken into account in the rough estimate, but this is a mistake. Unexpected expenses can be: marketing, maintenance, security of the program and its production, servers, hosting, and others. In addition, you will likely have to make changes in the middle of the development process, which also costs time and money. Take into account all these nuances when estimating.

Cost of Developing an app based on stages of development

The following five steps make up the majority of the mobile app development process:

  •       Pre-production (also called – discovery or research)

  •       Design of user experience and user interface

  •       Development of mobile applications

  •       App deployment and testing

  •       Ongoing assistance

The most valuable benefit you will obtain from the discovery step is an exact answer to the question, “How much does it cost to develop an app for your business?” Based on the user stories in the product backlog, an appropriate app development budget and delivery date are calculated.

The app testing stage guarantees that the app works properly and is of good quality. Logic dictates that the expense of app testing is proportional to the app’s functionality. In practice, app testing accounts for roughly 30% of the total cost of an app’s client-side front-end implementation. The front-end of an admin panel is less expensive, approximately 10%.

Please remember that software development suppliers estimate current app development costs, excluding support and app maintenance. If you want to create a great iOS mobile app, for instance, you should think about the ongoing app development costs you’ll have to deal with. The expense of maintaining and supporting an app is often bigger than the cost of developing it in the first place.