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The Complete Blueprint of Earning Immensely Through Facebook

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2014)

The Internet world has been known as the cradle of jobs. There has been no end of making money through Internet. You can offer your services through market places such as Fiverr for a fixed amount of money. Else, you can get your hands-on with blogging and start advertising on it or affiliate marketing. Either way, you can start earning online straightaway.


But, the problem is many stick to this only, i.e. many of us don’t look beyond this. The internet world is endless, there’s lots of money mines out there; but you need to find it.

One of these includes Facebook.  While Facebook is generally considered a great platform for making new friends and chat; but very few understands the real power of Facebook. Wonder How?

Here’s how to make money through facebook.

#1 Sell your Products

Facebook is greatly classified as the ‘World’s largest social networking website’. Have you ever looked this fact from the business point of view? If you are entrepreneur, this might be a great asset for you and also Facebook might be a ‘boon’ for you.

You can sell from a wide variety of stuffs from books to softwares to games to music, as Social Networking websites are full of people with different taste and flavors (also having large amount of users). You then offer it to other users, slate down their pros and why to use aka advantages, get a proper payment method and you are good to go.

#2 Offer your Services

It’s much like the sub-part of the former one. All the procedures and rules are same. But the services include various human skills such as designing and writing. You can provide logo and theme designing to write out great contents.

Or, in other way, you can use Facebook as Fiverr or SEO Clerks.

#3 Promote Download Links

It’s in fact the popular one. You don’t need any type of skill to do this.

You just need to share this links via your Facebook page or sharing onto various social groups scattered around Facebook. See, you don’t need any type of skill for doing this. You are paid a certain amount when someone hits through the download link you posted.

Docstoc and Uploading being one of the best examples. In the case of Docstoc, they would share 50% of money with you for respective files downloaded. Considering Uploading, they would pay 30$ per 1000 Installs.

#4 Direct Advertisements (through banners)

Well, direct advertisement has been a huge hit among bloggers. Every blogger tries to earn money through posting advertisements (AdSense and BuySellAds being the most reputed ones). Similarly you can use the same strategy in Facebook too!

You just need a Facebook page to get start off. Then you allocate certain ad-spaces for the advertisements to be shown. You would get more advertising agencies if you have got heck loads of likes (these agencies would pay handsome money to you!).

And, so here we come to an end.

I hope it helped you a lot about how to make money through facebook.

Is there any other method that I have failed to mention? DO comment below!

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