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If you have always loved coloring since your childhood, then now, thanks to the development of technology, you can do the coloring on your smartphone or tablet. That’s because there are lots of color by number games developed for mobile devices.

Besides, these games do not require any coloring matching skills; just your focus. And it won’t take you long before you finish the picture since the color fills with one tap. There is no doubt that color by number is absolutely fun and can help you relieve stress. These games can also boost your creativity and improve your focus. With that said, let’s look at some of the best color by number games that you can indulge in during your free time.

1. Happy ColorTM – Color by Number

One of the best color by number games for Android is happy Color- Color by Number. This game empowers you to color beautiful drawings. Once you have installed the game, you will have access to a digital canvas to color. It allows you to color drawings by numbers so that you match the number you see with colors provided below the pic. As you can see, the concept is just similar to painting in real life. So what makes Happy ColorTM better? Well, first, the app offers over 4000 pics in the collection, and they are free to use. What’s more, all the pics are subdivided into categories to allow you to easily find the one you want to color.

Those categories include flowers, portraits, landscapes, animals, etc. The app also gives you clues that can help you when you get stuck. Once you finish drawing, you will save your outcome and share it with your mates. If you are looking for a color by number game that will help you relax after a long tiring day, the Happy Color- Color by Number app should be on your bucket list.

2. Pixel Art: Color by Number

Pixel Art, as the name suggests, empowers you to color pixel-styled images. This app does not have realistic and watercolor pictures in its collection. All the pictures in this app to color include pixelated 2D as well as the a3D ones. Remember that in this app, you can only color the pictures by numbers, and you are not allowed to choose the colors that you want.

The pictures are divided into cells and marked with numbers. Your job is to match the number with the color palette this app offers. This app also has plenty of images you can choose from. This app can also easily transform any picture into a pixel sketch. To do that, you need to upload a picture to the app.

3. Paint by Number Coloring Games

This app allows you to color spectacular artworks by numbers. This app also has numerous collections of drawings you can color for free. All the drawings are categorized. One of the best things about the Paint by Number Coloring game is that it doesn’t require any color-matching abilities from the player since all the shades have been defined already.

The drawings are divided into sections, and the player needs to match them with similar colors. Once the player does that, they need to click on the area they want the shade, and it will fill in automatically. And so, it does not take long to complete the drawing; it can be done on the go.

4. Tap Color- Color by Number Art Coloring Game

Another incredible color by number game that you can try is Tap Color – Color by Number Coloring Game. This app also allows you to color the drawings by numbers. You will be able to create a masterpiece with several taps. The app will give you instructions to help you, so all you have to do is follow these rules. All the areas of the drawing are marked with the number, and the player needs to match it with the shade palette at the screen bottom. This app has over 5000 pics that you can color. The number of pictures is constantly increasing, so you are guaranteed that you will never get bored.

It is worth mentioning that all the drawings are made by expert artists, making them very stunning. The drawings are also divided into categories for seamless navigation. These categories include animals, landscapes, flowers, and love. When you finish coloring, you can share a ready painting directly from this app. This app also offers clues that will show you the numbers you miss, making it a great color by number app.

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