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Installing a home security system is very important for various reasons. It is a fact that a burglar will avoid a house that has a security system. Even if the burglar decides to break in, the video surveillance footage can assist the police track down the criminals.

Further, nowadays, with smart automation, home security is at a higher level. You can access your home remotely thus giving you peace of mind, even when you are away.

The decision to install a home security system is a good one. To help you decide, we will review the 5 best home security systems on the market today.

Vivint – best home automation

Home automation is the winning point with Vivint. While security is crucial, a smart home will make your life so much simpler. Through smart automation, you can access most of the functions in your house remotely. Forgot to lock the door or switch off the lights? Do not worry; by pairing Vivint with your smart device, you can control the lights, temperature, doors with the simple touch of your smart app screen.

Vivint is well-known when it comes to the quality of their products, and their reliability when it comes to monitoring. Another feature that makes this home security system attractive is the fact that the company allows for flexible payments.

The packages are cheaper than what is available from the competitors. A cursory online check also shows very positive customer reviews.  You also do not need to sign a contract to access the security system. Vivint offers medical pendant support making it ideal for a home with small children or seniors.

Depending on the package you choose, you get additional features like a smart thermostat doorbell camera, recessed door sensors, and data storage drive.  If you take the Premium package, you get to enjoy a lifetime warranty on the equipment.   However, do note that because you do not sign a contract, the upfront costs are high.

ADT – Long Industry Experience

ADT has a solid reputation for home security. You are sure to get good quality equipment, great customer service, and dependable monitoring services.

To install the Home Security System, you need to sign a 36-month contract with the company.  You get same-day installation, and the company will recommend to you what you need to customize.  The medical pendant support is a great addition. You can also integrate all your home automation on one app.

What you may not like about ADT, is that the Home Security System is quite costly, especially when you compare it with what is available in the market.  However, they have a less costly landline monitoring option which comes in at less than $30, making it a bit more affordable.

Simplisafe – for the Budget-Conscious

Simplisafe is another home security system that does not require you to sign a contract before installation.  It is quite cost-effective, and the packages for monitoring and equipment are very competitive. You can also vary the months you want monitoring making it a flexible Home Security System. You have the option to turn on the monitoring only when you are out of town.  Once you get back to town, at your request, it goes off until you need it again.

What you may not like is that you have to buy all the equipment up front.  The customer service hours are also very limited.

Frontpoint – Best DIY Installation

Frontpoint will require that you sign a 36-month contract.  You get professional monitoring, but get ready for a DIY installation. Installation is not difficult, everything comes pre-programmed, and you will not spend more than 20 minutes on the process.

You will get equipment that is of high quality, smart Home integration, and good customer service. The upfront costs are low, and you get a security HUB. The security Hub is unique as it will learn all your habits and adjust itself accordingly.  Pair the Hub and the equipment, and feel free to add any third party smart devices. Now install the Frontpoint app and use it to control everything.

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Link Interactive – Most Flexible Contract Periods

Link interactive is another DIY installation, with professional monitoring. You get both indoor and outdoor cameras. You will also need to sign a 12-36 month contract. For less than $45 you get video monitoring. There are no activation fees, and the pricing structure is very transparent.

You also have the option of choosing what you need when buying the gear.

Final Thoughts

Our review of the 5 best home security systems on the market today should give you an idea of the factors you should consider when you are out shopping. Now go ahead, buy your preferred home security system and keep your family safe!


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