The 2-minute Guide on Increasing Email Subscribers Drastically


Everyone wants to have a blog with good number of loyal fans. And, more or less likely the reason is that you can easily generate affiliate sales if you have a strong base of loyal fans.


Compared to other ways, email subscribers is the best way to figure out your fan base. You can send them emails with affiliate links to products and cash in some money. Most of the top affiliate earners prefer going for email marketing than anything else.

Increasing email subscribers is what every blogger is looking forward to, so as to make more sales. So here’s an quick guide on increasing email subscribers.

Placement of Email Subscription Box

Placement of the subscription box is the most important and the root of getting more subscribers. Placement correctly done, makes 40% job done.

These are the places where you should certainly place it:

  • Homepage
  • Sidebar
  • Within Post

Home page is the most important part of our blog, its the most visited page of your blog. You can either put it up in the header region or the footer region.  Putting in the sidebar is the most common and the most preferred in the industry. Putting it up at sidebar will put it onto every page of your blog, thus more reach. Putting it within the post also helps as if the reader gets impressed by the post, he or she will immediately subscribe to your website (first impression is the last impression).


You can also try using pop-ups with email subscription boxes, just don’t make it annoying for the readers.

Putting up a Catchy Description

Description should be a call-to-action one. It should be catchy and should have the ability to attract the readers. Usually most distinguished bloggers do either of them:

  • Put in some numbers and exciting description
  • Provide the readers with eBook or some other tools

Provide reasons to the users on why should they subscribe to your blog.

Using Guest Posting or Giveaways

Guest posting is one of the most used method in the industry. You can guest post on some high authority blogs and get worthy traffic and readers from their blog. Guest post is usually done for backlinks, but you can also do it for getting subscribers.

Giveaways is relatively newer way to get subscribers, but is more effective and reliable than the former one, after all who doesn’t wants to win something or get something for free. Usually bloggers put up something valuable to grab and put out a procedure to get into the competition, which is usually getting subscribed to their blog.

What do to after they subscribe?

Though about 98% of stuff done. But in blogging you can never underestimate anything, not even the rest of 2%. Branding of a blog is important and the rest of 2% most influences branding. Branding will make your readers have more trust in you and rely on you and your blog. Thus increasing the chances of successful sales.

The first thing you should do is immediately greet them with a ‘thank you’ email for subscribing to blog. Having a healthy connection with your readers will help in increasing sales. Try to keep a friendly relation with your readers.

Along with that you can also make a custom thank you page for those who subscribe to your blog.

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By Sayantan Mahato

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