Because the items stored in workplaces can be so valuable, business establishments are frequently targeted by burglars. Due to the high expense of replacing what is taken, damage to the property, and danger of harm, burglaries can have a significant effect on businesses and their production, and employees may also feel uneasy about their workplace because they fear it may happen again.

Therefore, companies should prioritize their physical and virtual security in order to safeguard their employees and inventory. Here are four sound technological improvements that can improve your business’s overall security.

1. Sophisticated Cybersecurity Measures

The conceptual definition of security entails the guarantee of the safety and protection of individuals or items from physical threats. However, businesses should also prioritize locking up their valuable company, employee, products, and service-related information from online intruders running cyberattacks.

Today’s largest organizations running their operations in multi-cloud environments benefit from solutions such as Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), meant to control which human and machine users can access each cloud resource. Protecting your business from internal and external threats is paramount in an increasingly digitalized environment where malware and hackers attempting to steal your information – and most importantly, sensitive company-related documents – run rampant.

2. Secure Alarm Systems

A far cry from the alarm systems of old, the anti-burglar alarms sold nowadays are much more advanced and sophisticated, offering 24/7 protection to your business and automatically notifying the police if a mugger attempts to break in. It goes without saying that alarm systems are excellent aids for catching a criminal and help reduce the severity of whatever they have planned.

Another unintended benefit of installing an alarm system is that thieves will now be on high alert about your business’s brand-new security system, and inexperienced burglars won’t be as tempted to attempt to break into a highly-protected establishment. Nonetheless, in order to fend off seasoned robbers, be sure to change the alarm codes frequently.

3. High-quality CCTV Cameras

In a similar fashion to alarm systems, the CCTV cameras on offer today have an incredibly more defined image and are sold for cheaper than one would think. Additionally, thanks to the advent of portable devices, you can also monitor your business’s surroundings with your tablet, computer, or smartphone!

Aside from the fact that CCTV cameras identify robbers and deter crime a whole lot easier, installing cameras above exits, entrances, hallways, and stairwells will ensure that those who are tempted to circumvent your security measures at least won’t attempt to do so via the obvious points of entry. This is why the next security tip goes great with installing CCTV cameras.

4. Designate Responsibility for Overseeing the Security

Find a reliable, seasoned individual to serve as the leader for your establishment’s security. Yourself or another trusted employee with the skills to manage all things security and logistics may be that person. However, this does not necessarily imply that they must be masters at everything from cybersecurity to access control.

Rather, it means that they only must be able to keep an eye on who has access to security information, serve as a point of contact for service providers (such as the maintenance crews for your security systems and the alarm receiving center), and be in charge of keeping security systems up to date.

Closing Thoughts

From cybersecurity measures to security task management, there are numerous ways business leaders can beef up their establishment’s security in 2022. In a world so rampant with physical and virtual crime, businesses must be self-sufficient and able to deter burglars from hitting their premises with effective countermeasures.