A Short Checklist of Tech Services Small Businesses Need to Invest in


One of the biggest problems of having a small business with an equally small budget is knowing what services to invest in. You are going to need to make sure that your hard-earned cash is going towards the right things to help your business, and not just make it harder. Most of the pitfalls, you will quickly find, are making the right decisions about the tech within your business – but there are some things you really need if you are going to keep things running smoothly.

#1 Network Security

Regardless of your level of technical knowledge, it should be a ‘no-brainer’ to decide that you should find out more about Network Security. You might have already found that it is very difficult to make sure that all your networks are bulletproof, especially if you are mainly working through the internet and your employees are working remotely, so network security is your ideal starting point.


If you are a business that very wisely allows its employees to work from home, using SASE might be a good way to make sure that your business Cloud remains secure. You should be using Network security and SASE hand in hand, as they can give your business a great scope of protection, no matter where your employees are working from in the country, or even if they are on the other side of the world.

#3 Power BI

Every business creates a huge amount of data, and Power BI can help you use the data that is coming through your business every day to your advantage. It can help your business focus on what is working, and by the same token can help you to home in on what might need improving. By using these numbers, you can help benefit your business and bring new and interesting ideas to the table.

#4 MFA

MFA, otherwise known as Multi-Factor Authentication, can be a great way to make sure that your employees’ accounts remain safe in case they share their password or the laptop gets stolen. It can keep your and your customer’s data protected from those with malicious intent, which makes it another factor on the ‘no-brainer’ list.

#5 End-user education

You might find that end-user education is also very useful because it covers a large range of common as well as some less common cyber threats. It is likely to be the best approach to teaching both newer and more experienced employees about the dangers of cybercrime – and how it can affect a business and an individual. It can teach your employees the basics of staying safe, and it can also help you when it comes to making sure that your employees are looking out for suspicious behavior in others.


There are many difficulties in finding the right tech services for your business. There are plenty that are a waste of time, but among the ones that can help your business are Power BI, MFA, SASE, end-user training, and network security. These are most likely to be beneficial for you and your tech by either protecting it or by helping those operating it to use the tech more effectively.

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