7 Advantages of Earphones & How to Make the Most Out of it

Almost everyone, who carries a smartphone, understands the importance of earphone. This is not just a gadget that can enhance a single functionality for any specific work. Having earphones for your smartphone will allow you to manage multiple tasks at the same time without any mismanagement. Listening to music in the open speaker is always

nokia 10

Nokia 10 to Come up With Rotating Five-Cameras

The optics section in smartphones continues to receive a lot of attention. And as if not satisfied with dual camera setups, both on the rear and front it appears you can now expect smartphones to sport multiple lenses which can be deployed by the user by rotating a circular mount similar to a turret system.

smartphone dual camera

Smartphone Dual Camera: Everything You Need to Know

Love your mobile photography? Let’s face it, who doesn’t? Most of us these days use our phones to take pictures, and if you’re looking into buying a new mobile, then you’ve probably noticed that dual camera phones are all the rage. Dual Cameras: The Basics As you can probably guess from the phrase “dual camera”,

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy an OTG Cable

Do you have a smartphone that supports OTG? If so, and you didn’t buy one till now? Then one can simply say that “you are not properly utilizing your abilities”. You will understand the significance of the titled question ‘Should I buy an OTG cable‘ by going through this article. On-The-Go is nothing but a converter

gopro shooting tips

7 Tricks for Shooting the Best Footage with your GoPro Camera

  The video shooting is liked by most of the people nowadays and with a Go-Pro camera, the same comes from a visual experience that is desired by the people from them. Their portable and durable product line gives the user an exposure towards shooting risky and adventurous videos. Check out these GoPro shooting tips

Can you Build a Computer for Just 750 Rupees? [Hint : Yes]

  The booming technological inventions are capable of surprising us always to a large extent. Do you think a Computer For Just 750 Rupees is possible? definitely, you may not, but the fact is, IT IS POSSIBLE! We can’t even imagine right?… Okay, The first question that will arise in your mind when you heard

AnyTrans for Android : The Most Powerful Data Manager We’ve Ever Tested!

AnyTrans for Android – A simple, yet highly powerful device manager that enables you to transfer applications between your Android to computer and iPhone to mac, in just a few clicks. AnyTrans is a compact and very easy to use app that is designed to help you manage your application files on your devices. For

Cisco CCNA Security 210-260

Overview of Cisco CCNA Security 210-260 Certification Exam

The world has become increasingly interconnected in terms of technology. The use of technology in the business has grown dramatically. There are various threats in the today’s network. Thus, the security of the network is the major concern of every organization which wants to protect its internal network. The CCNA Security is the first security

7 Unexpected Ways Enterprise Mobility Can Make Your Life Better in 2018

An endless list of advantages, positive impacts, and benefits are unanimously associated with enterprise mobility solutions which have emerged as a catalyst for the overall growth of the business world. Enterprise mobility is an unprecedented catalyst for the improvement of organizational processes, employee performance, customer service and many other key aspects of modern business. More

EaseUS Data Recovery Readily Available to Save the Day

Accidentally deleting files like documents, photos or videos can happen to anyone though there are ways to resolve the crisis. Traditionally, one click places these items in the Recycle Bin, and the only way they would be lost forever is once it is emptied. However, advanced users resort to immediate measures by permanently deleting –