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Talk about children’s clothing selection problem again

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Last Updated on February 2, 2021

If you are a newcomer who just entered the children’s clothing industry inexperienced, you may encounter some difficulties, and for the vast majority of sales of newcomers, the most puzzling is: why I wholesale purchase some very good-looking children’s clothing but sales are not high? I believe that this problem has been plagued by many newcomers engaged in the clothing industry before I also put together a similar article that teaches how to choose a model, this one as a supplement, I hope to be a more comprehensive analysis of this issue as a (personal views only, but also to the experience of others as a reference).

I usually call this kind of children’s clothing with great ornamental value but difficult to sell “vase clothing”, these vase clothing looks good, the quality is also good, but the children do not like to wear, the mother will not buy. Why is this? It is still the same: think of yourself as a child’s mother to think about this matter. So, do you know what moms are thinking when they buy clothes for their children? Simply put, moms prefer clothes that are practical and look good, and remember: the child’s comfort always comes first! The appearance of the clothes may not be considered in the top three principles of children’s clothing selection. You know, moms are always willing to spend time on their children’s bodies, and they can also become much more demanding. If you have a need for wholesale baby clothes, welcome to shop at prettykid.

So, what are the vase clothes?

1. Fabric is not practical

There are many choices of fabrics for children’s clothing, so there will be some not so practical fabrics need to be carefully avoided when we choose models. For example, cotton and linen fabrics, when you see the model picture, it is likely to be attracted by the model wearing a mori style. But you have to pay attention to, children wear clothes almost all need to be washed every day, and cotton and linen fabrics are easy to wrinkle after washing, so you also need to use an iron to iron, which is very troublesome in the eyes of mothers. Without ironing cotton and linen fabric clothes become a disposable country wild child style.

Here is another point to be reminded of: do not be “deceived” by the model picture! Many times we are attracted by the beautiful and exquisite model picture and the desire to shop. You may say; I look at the picture, the model is dressed especially good, the countryside with a small hat is very good. However, I have to remind you that a good looking model picture is the result of the combined efforts of many people. Lovely-looking children’s clothing models, carefully created shooting backgrounds, and stylists, makeup artists, photographers and so on, and then after the post-modification, enough to inspire your desire to buy. So that try to go to avoid the clothes like cotton and linen this fabric, customers buy once and will not buy again.

2. Too many accessories on the clothes

Good-looking clothes have another feature: too many ornaments! For adults, these accessories may be able to make you look more fashionable, but for children, especially young children, this may be the “dangerous goods”, a careless may cause harm to them. For example, the rope on the sweatshirt, skirt hangings, etc., there will be safety hazards, and mothers will not go shopping.

Because the children are playing the game there is the possibility of being caught in the clothes on the hangings and rope, which is very dangerous. Here, I would also like to give a special reminder of lace and patchwork type of clothing. These clothes are generally the top of the cotton fabric plus the bottom of the lace fabric, looks very nice, but this design is not particularly friendly to children.

Children generally have small tummies, wearing these clothes tummy there is very big and fluffy, not only unsightly, but also not convenient to go to the toilet. Pay attention to this when you choose to buy clothes.

3. Ignore the skin color and active nature of children

Just like adults shopping for clothes, shopping for children’s clothes is also carefully selected according to skin color. Generally speaking, fair-skinned children are very good at choosing clothes, they can easily manage a variety of colors. If you are facing a customer with yellowish dark skin, then you should pay attention to the selection of models. A dark-skinned children try to choose high brightness, high purity of clothing, less recommended to choose black, dark gray and other colors.

In addition, children are active by nature, the daily activity is very large. A more ladylike and good-looking clothes, worn once, will be ravaged out of shape, mothers understand this. So, for children’s clothing, casual, sportswear will be more loved by mothers.

4. Backless strapless belly is not desirable

The children are delicate, children blowing the wind and catching a cold is very easy to get sick, children are very troublesome. So like these clothes that reveal the skin and look good, mothers will not give the children to wear. Secondly, children’s skin is also very sensitive, exposed skin may encounter some allergens, the phenomenon of allergies. Therefore, I also do not recommend the purchase of these styles of children’s clothing.

Of course, no matter how much I say, without real practice, you will still have all kinds of problems with the selection of models. If you are buying clothes wholesale online and are not able to touch the physical clothes, you will need even more practice. I recommend you to look at the offline children’s clothing entity on the store, with the method of selection, coupled with professional learning, children’s clothing novices will soon be able to choose the right clothes.


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