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Going the realistic way, iOS apps still manage to fare better than Android apps, and one big reason contributing here is the kind of framework that holds the structure of an iOS app. Starting with iOS app development, it is a process that involves creating hardware for the app that would run on all Apple devices/products.

Another stage of iOS app development involves writing the software or coding the features that would define the app in technical terms. For this, a programming language is used, which can be Swift or Dart, depending on the expertise of an app developer.

Swift Vs Dart- A Detailed Comparison

With the demand for iOS soaring high, the competition between Swift vs Dart too is gaining momentum, and the best part is that both these languages have enough pros in their kitties to be tagged as the hot favourite ones amongst top app developers. The discussion that programming language is the best one to create an impressive-looking iOS app is never-ending. This is why it is always a better idea to learn about each language’s offerings to tag a winner.

Overall Popularity:– To begin with, Dart is a much easier language to learn when compared to Swift, but still it has been seen that Dart has not been able to beat Swift in context to native iOS features, consistency, and ease of execution and this is why the latter emerges as a clear winner.

Accessibility: – Accessibility holds significant importance for any app to survive the competition. The overall accessibility support in Swift language is much more advanced and improved than Dart. Also, the documentation for Dart is a bit complex to comprehend with XCode and this is yet another factor that makes Swift score better.

Performance:- The performance parameter of an iOS app is not as straightforward as an android app. The developer needs to make adjustments as a single feature is added and then test the framework for the same. However, if we access the code and take account of the testing phase, Swift gives a solid competition to Dart as both stands proficient.

App Development Time:– To be precise, development time defines the time frame taken to develop the app from scratch. Swift supports improved file time and this means that the developers can easily add new features and highlights without investing much time; however, in Dart, the developer has to qualify to clear the forms, which takes time, making swift a better option.

App Testing: – It is to be known that testing a dart app stands completely different from swift app testing. As Swift has its framework, XCTest allows testing the user interface modules checking out all crucial parameters such as execution, incorporation, and more. On the other hand in Dart’s case, several tests are carried out at UI levels and the developer has to both compose and perform these.

App Reloading: This is a new concept that has been introduced off late and the best part is that the comparison is already on for both the programming languages. It has been seen that an app takes 10-12 seconds to reload with Swift, which in the case of Dart is around 2-3 seconds.

Profiling: For an app to run effectively, the profiling support needs to be stable as it involves components such as CPU, memory, and assets. As Swift uses Xcode, both monitoring and maintaining the app is easy, and the best part is that this language already qualifies for time profiler and other profiling tests. Talking of Dart, IDE is used to carry our application profiling which takes a bit longer.

With swift programming language scoring better over its counterpart Dart, we can indeed comprehend what adds to the demand of Swift development comprehensively.

How To Hire Swift Developer- The Right Way

Hiring a swift developer is not that tricky as it looks; it is just that the correct approach needs to be followed. To hire a Swift developer, the following steps are to be followed:

Ensure that the developer holds enough expertise in iOS development and is aware of the latest tools and techniques.

Swift app development needs crisp planning, so it is essential to hire a developer who masters every stage of app development.

Comprehend the project’s complexity level and then hire a beginner or a senior swift app developer accordingly.

A strong portfolio is always the best sign to go with as it informs about the expertise level of the team.


One last thing, define the goals and budget both as this will bring out the best results from the iOS app development process.

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