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Still Didn’t get Bored of iPhone 5S? Here’s why you Should!

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2013)

Okay, So we Do believe that iPhone 5S and the iOS 7 is a great mix-match and a dual between the two, but if you might not have known it has more CONS than PROS, so here are we revealing out some of the stunning CONS of the new iPHONE 5S.


It can be said it is the best iPhone made by Apple till date, but it still can’t said that it is one of the “Greatest” phones in the world. iPhone 5S is still not a complete package and still is bug-ridden though not much. But the following factors are must for all the iPhone haters if they want to tease up their iFriends.

  • More Costly than Ever

So yes, it is one of the greatest offerings from Apple, but the price tag set by Apple is too much. The iPhone 5S is the most pricy till yet and it begins at a banging £549 for the 16GB edition, which is £20 more than the surpassing and disused iPhone 5. It’s only for 16Gb whereas people prefer to go for 32 GB which comes for a whooping £629 in the UK.

  • Scratch Proof ? Eeeks!

The whole body is made up of aluminium which is vulnerable to scratches here and there which makes the device pretty old and dull. The white variant of the phone willn’t get much a change as it will camouflage with it, but the major concerns are with black one as it can create the major ruckus.

  • iPhone 6 to release next year..What to do with this one?

Now, this one of the most facepalm things. The phone is coming under a two-year plan under different telecom operators. But as we will get hands on iPhone 6(Probably) iPhone 5S will be history again and willn’t be in the news for long. While the Fingerprint scanner is the best, but we might see even more than thar it iPhone 6.

  • Scam with Fingerprints?

It maybe one of the best but is a safety concern too. As it stores the fingerprints in the phone, there are chances that Apple will store them in their Cloud storage, which once hacked can be easily be traced upon.



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