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Control your Child’s Online Activity with Spyzie – A Parental Control Software

Spyzie: Parental Control Software Review

The advancement in electronic gadgets has made humans addicted to them. Even toddlers fall prey to mobile phones. Seeing children playing outdoor have become a rare sight while seeing them with a mobile or a tablet. There are many practical applications related to their curriculum for children while using mobile applications, but it also gives them the space to access inappropriate content. The exposure to mobile phones can never be prevented. The monitoring app comes as a relief to the parents.

Children own a tablet PC or a mobile phone in their early teens. Even before they are aware of the negative side of the internet, they get full access to the internet. Spyzie Parental control software allows parents to monitor the activities of the children’s mobile device. Parents need to be alert and conscious and step into their child’s safety before they fall victims to online threats. Spyzie is compatible with both iOS and Android, so monitoring an iPhone or an Android mobile is easy. There is no need to root target the Android and jailbreak the target iPhone. Jailbreaking destabilizes the phone’s system. This makes Spyzie an Optimized Non-Jailbroken Spy Solution for iOS devices.

The download and installation of Spyzie is easy and simple. First, an account must be created after which the user can log in to start the setup process on the target device. After the verification of the setup on the target device, a success message is displayed. Clicking on ‘Start Monitoring’ provides access to the photos, call logs, and messages on the target device.

Spyzie Successful setup

The dashboard of Spyzie parental control app is updated every 4 hours and the data is synchronized automatically.



What are the activities that can be monitored?

Parents are anxious to know how their children use social media. Spyzie allows parents to have control over social media apps which is the most beneficial feature of Spyzie. Following are the social media platforms where your child’s activity can be monitored: Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Facebook, Kik, Tinder, Instagram, Line, Google+, YouTube, and WeChat. Parents can read the posts directly from an Instagram account and the time when the posts have been sent can also be traced. The documents and messages transferred through WhatsApp can be retrieved using Spyzie.

The dashboard panel of Spyzie displays the videos and the photos viewed by children on social media. Even Facebook Messenger can be monitored using Spyzie. This makes sure the parents can be aware of the conversations of their children with the outside world. It helps the parents to step in at the correct time to guard them against online predators. Many kids are lured to physical communication via personal messengers after befriending on social media.

Teens have a behavior of just isolating themselves when they receive a call from their friends. Many parents are worried about whether they will be trapped under unwanted relationships. Spyzie allows tracking the call logs and records the calls. Record Surround is an amazing feature of Spyzie which needs attention to the surrounding conversations when the target device is active. Messages on the target device can be read and the exact time of receiving and sending the messages can also be noted.

When parents want to know the whereabouts of their kids, then Spyzie’s ‘Location Tracking’ would be a perfect tool. The Geo-Fencing feature in Spyzie is useful to track the real-time location of the device and help parents to be informed about their kid’s current location. The past location records can also be recovered.

Spyzie has an inherent keylogger. It fetches every keystroke on the target device. Parents can use this feature to know the passwords of their child’s user account, messengers and other applications. The browser history can be viewed which lets the parents gain knowledge about the frequently visited websites of their children. The saved bookmarks can be viewed using Spyzie. Extracting details regarding the apps, notes, contacts, calendar, videos and photos, and other multimedia files are some additional features of Spyzie.

Many teens are addicted to using their mobile phones during the late hours of the day. Spyzie offers a solution to the parents through ‘control screen time’ feature. Parents can restrict the device’s usage for a limited amount of time. The target device will be blocked for the specific time.

Running on stealth mode makes Spyzie user-friendly and it has a mobile monitoring app and a web-based dashboard. Spyzie allows parents to monitor their children remotely using their own smartphones. Spyzie is the best parental control solution providing all the information required to get the insight about the child’s online activity.

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