Sponsored Post Guidelines

Publishing Guidelines & Terms and Conditions for Sponsored Posts :

  1. The post should be natural, unique, relevant to the website’s content, and can contain two external do-follow links apart from high-authority reference links.
  2. Posts or links related to restricted and/or illegal topics, such as gambling, online casino, pornography, piracy, CBD, crypto trading, forex, medicine, etc., will be accepted, at a higher cost.

  3. You may request any change in the post/link within 2 weeks from the date of publishing. After that, no further change will be allowed. In case of a genuine requirement, you may write to us for consideration.

  4. If we receive any DMCA, copyright, or policy violation notice against the post, or if we find the post is harming the reputation of our website, we shall remove the post/link immediately, without any intimation.

  5. Your post may get removed in the unlikely event of data loss, termination of the website, or any other disaster. No refund will be issued in that case.

  6. Not always, but external links in the post may get changed to “no-follow”, after 1 year from the publish date. We analyze every post periodically. If we think that the link is anyway compromising our website’s reputation or its search engine presence, we may change the link to no-follow, or remove the link.

  7. Any image provided by you should be unique, or from any free stock image websites, such as Pexels, Piaxabay, Adobe Stock, etc. If any image/s or infographics, provided by you, are found to be infringing the copyright of another person or company, we may remove the entire post without any notice.

  8. Once the article is published and indexed in search engines, you must make the payment within 7 days. Although we send payment reminders, if we don’t receive the payment within the mentioned due date, the post/link will be removed, and republishing of the same costs an extra charge.

The payment that you make for the guest post or sponsored post on our website is completely non-refundable and non-creditable under any circumstance, including the event of removal of the post/link and/or any change in link/post by us (as mentioned above in point 4,5,6,7).


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