SPanel, Best All-in-one Web Hosting Platform Which Is An Alternative To cPanel


Last updated on October 29th, 2020 at 09:58 pm

Web services require a strong control panel to manage the website and cloud servers. SPanel designed for modern site administrators, which stands as a potential replacement for cPanel alternatives. The latest version bundled with interesting features that compete with popular solution cPanel, and we are going to review it.

What is SPanel?

SPanel is a power-packed control panel that has everything needed to manage a server or site. The control panel is touted as a perfect alternative for cPanel for contributing reasons, and I’m going to mention them in this review. The dashboard has additional features and is lightweight and doesn’t have limitations that you find cPanel. I want to inform the readers that you don’t have to pay an additional fee for the SPanel because it is included in the web hosting package for end-users.

1. User-interface

All right, I’m aware of the fact that current users are used to the traditional version of cPanel, which makes it difficult to transition from one platform to another. Even I was worried about the new interface and how I can get used to it in a short time, but surprisingly I’m impressed by the team. SPanel followed the traditional user-interface, which is similar to cPanel, and I don’t think, I have to spend hours figuring out the dashboard, functions, and execution process.

On your right, you got “General Information” and “Resources”, while the main dashboard consists of important features that we have in the popular solution. Overall, I no longer have to worry about the transition from one platform to another.

 2. OpenLiteSpeed

OpenLiteSpeed is a powerful web server in the world and there are several contributing reasons behind the strong brand reputation. The LiteSpeed technology decreases hardware costs while boosting the performance, and efficiency of the webserver. Many server administrators are worried about security penetration, where LiteSpeed technology simplifies the security and makes it harder for the invaders to penetrate. In addition to LiteSpeed technology, you got SPanel providing additional layers of security to keep your accounts, site, and server security.

3. Security

SPanel brought SShield protection for the site administrators, and it is something worth looking at. The majority of the cyber protection companies rely on historical virus database and keep an eye on the web servers to catch recognized threats. However, this historical database does not contain new threats, and that’s what happened in a Ransomware attack, and none of the security systems could detect the threat and save the consumers.

SPanel’s SShield works on Artificial Intelligence coupled with common sense and enables 24/7 & 365 days real-time shields. The SShield real-time threat detection tool frequently keeps an eye on the website, servers, and accounts to detect malicious threats because it can tell the difference between false traffic and genuine traffic. Overall, SShield brings next-level security prevents 99.98% attacks and will send a complete report to you. The report includes the type of attack, vulnerabilities, and suggestions to prevent it from happening in the future.

4. Compatibility

Every business wants to rank the site on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines and the website loading speed is a ranking factor. SPanel supports Apache, Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed, and LiteSpeed Enterprise web servers. Now, you don’t have to worry about incompatibility, which causes site files to load slower, and even 0.50 seconds makes a huge difference in Google search results.

5. Swordpress Manager

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I always loved the combination of WordPress + cPanel because it is easier to manage the site and configure it. In SPanel, you got Swordpress Manager, which is similar to Softaculous that enables you to create, configure, and manage the WordPress website. Both add-ons are similar and do not have flaws, and I’m happy that SPanel is not missing such an important feature. You got WordPress cloning, backup, restore, install sites, remove sites, and more.

6. Free Migration

SPanel team developed the technology that enables the web hosting companies to migrate the website from one platform to SPanel operated web hosting. Currently, ScalaHosting is taking up an unlimited number of site migration for free-of-cost. The site administrator has to provide three things to the web hosting provider, and their team will take over from there.

a) Raise a ticket for free migration and change the name servers to point at the new server.

b) Provide the login credentials of the old hosting account.

c) Wait for 24 hours for the team to finish the migration without data loss.

That’s all.

SPanel Web Hosting Pricing

SPanel control panel is free for end-users and is bundled in a web hosting package, so you don’t have to pay additional charges for it. Currently, ScalaHosting is providing SPanel hosting for the customers and let me give you a quick look at the pricing structure, so you can compare, and make your final decision.

a) Web Hosting starts at $3.95/month.

b) WP Hosting starts at $3.95/month

c) Email Hosting starts at $2.95/month

d) Reseller Hosting starts at $10.95/month.

e) Managed Cloud VPS starts at $9.95/month.

f) Self-managed Cloud VPS starts at $10/month.

There’s more and you have to explore a bit to find an ideal package suitable for your business model. The hosting provider is offering affordable solutions with a SPanel control panel and offers a wide range of packages.

Bottom Line

SPanel is a suitable replacement for the cPanel control panel, and I should say that it has some flaws like any other product but the official developers are working towards improving it. In the coming months, you will witness great change, features, and improvised control panel to manage your web server.

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