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The current world is all digital organizations still relying upon traditional marketing techniques are lagging behind and need to up their marketing game. The outbreak of COVID19 has restricted us all to our homes; with nothing much to do and nowhere to go, big business names have shut down their operations, and people are losing their jobs left and right. Lucky are the ones who still have stable jobs without any pay cuts. The only way to let your business stay alive in the current economy is to go digital. Organizations with an authentic digital presence and making the best use of social media marketing are flourishing today.

I mean, you have got to be living under the shell to be still not aware of the social media marketing potential. Social media is the fastest-growing trend in the world’s history; it has grown even faster than the internet itself. Within the first ten years of being available publically, the internet has gathered almost 1 billion users. I mean, look at the prospect of shinning once you get your hands onto it. The current world population has grown to almost 7.8 billion now, and nearly one in four people have a Facebook account today. Do you now see how big of an opportunity it is for you? Are you willing to compromise on that? I guess not!

Why should you go for SMM?

As easy as you think SMM is, I am afraid to burst your bubble; it is not. Social media marketing or, let’s just say, Facebook marketing is a lot more than just being available on Facebook and posting occasionally; you need to have an extensive understanding of what kind of content works for which medium. The social media marketing mediums that are good for Facebook do not necessarily have to be effective for Instagram. There is an underlying strategy for each social media account.

An SMM service from Ingenious Guru would help you set up your social media accounts and allow consistent posting, and ensures quality content to keep your business pages alive. When done right, these services offer a plethora of benefits that you would miss out on if you are not going for it at all.

If you are still not convinced, the following is the list of things you are missing out on if you are still not using social media for your business marketing.

  • Improved brand awareness

How do you expect your target audience to show up at your store or buy from your online store if they do not know you even exist? Social media is the best platform to increase brand awareness and break your echo chamber. All practical and successful marketing campaigns, including digital or traditional, need consistency. If you wait too long between posts, your brand awareness will wane. You need frequent buzz, and social media marketing services can help you with that. Get your audience talking about you and your product with the smartly run social media campaigns.

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  • Better engagement

The more engagement you have to your site, the better it is for your business; effectively done social media marketing drives massive traffic to the website. There is no denying to the fact that an excellent social media campaign promotes community service with the clear CTAs included in each post. Such as do not forget to add:  Call us, like us, or follow us on each post caption as it compels the user to take action.

Apart from it, it is equally important to track your engagements. It helps in identifying what strategy is working for you which one is not. In case you come across something that is not yielding good results, it is a good time to tweak your strategies to keep your followers, tweets, and likes trending all the time. However, make sure you are not trending for the wrong reasons; it is essential to be known for the right reasons.

  • Results analysis

Okay, this one is a little tricky part; managing social media is no walk in the park; it is time taking and requires the person to be on their toes all the time to ensure excellent and effective results. Social media services provide a considerable amount of data, which is quite challenging to analyze without any effective software. A professional marketing agency evaluates your metrics and analyzes the competitor’s share of the keywords you are ranking for. The key is to choose the right person to do this job for you, and there is no one better than Ingenious Guru in this case.

  • Target marketing

Without social media, targeting your audience is not a piece of cake. Social media marketing services help in locating the right clients at the right time. The experts can help you identify the hot leads by continually searching the local social media posts for particular industry-related terms. Be the first one in the market to respond to your customer’s request and be at their service at your earliest. Snag the potential customer right from under the nose of your competitor and be the market leader you have always aspired to be.

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  • Improved customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, isn’t it? What’s the point of having a business if you cannot satisfy your customers with your services? Not responding to their queries on time and guide them to get the better product right according to their requirements? The services like reputation management help the organizations see all the customer reviews in one place. It allows you to answer their queries, thank the ones who like your services and address the negative reviews rapidly. You do not want to keep the angry client waiting for a long; your competitor might steal them from you.

The more your clients see you engaging with the customers and helping them, the more they will stay in business with you.

  • Brand Loyalty

Business organizations strive to have a robust customer base dedicated to their brand only; in other words, it is known as brand loyalty. You cannot go really personal with traditional marketing; brands often struggle with building that personal connection with their customers. However, social media marketing takes an edge here as they connect on the individual level to people in the community. The SMM services can further help you establish brand loyalty and improve your social reputation far beyond what traditional advertising can do for you.

  • Better Return on Investment

Businesses all over the world are working for money; one can never deny this reality. Money is the ultimate goal of most business organizations. Customer satisfaction is what leads to more revenue, so they lie on the same stage. SMM tremendously helps in this case; you can reach a thousand people at a fraction of the cost of taking out a print ad, renting a billboard, or airing a commercial.

Social media marketing is relatively light on the pocket if compared with the traditional marketing techniques; therefore, it is said it gets the businesses better return on investment.

  • Prospect of going viral

The best part of SMM is you can go viral in seconds if the content is good. You must know Content is the KING, no matter which forms it is in. However, one must ensure they are going viral for the right reasons; bad publicity does no good to the business. So better be known for the good reasons.


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