Are You Using Social Media to Successfully Boost Your Business?


Last updated on December 23rd, 2020 at 07:23 pm

Social media can help your business to gain wider exposure, more followers, higher conversion rates and better engagement. It is important to use the platform in the correct way to attract customers, build ongoing relationships with customers online, and increase brand awareness for your business.

You can use a social media platform like greenfly to make your brand and business story interactive, collaborative, engaging, and influential. Traditional methods of marketing like direct mail, sponsorships, and advertising are becoming less effective, and more people are turning to the internet to connect to people.

Here are five strategies for using social media in the correct way to help increase traffic, brand awareness, and revenue for your business.

  • Encourage customer feedback

Feedback on your products, whether positive or negative, is invaluable. Positive feedback is great to promote and to help you understand what it is your customers love about your business. Negative feedback is also great to help you find out what it is you need to improve on in order to provide the best customer service.

Give your customers a reason to help you out, incentives are great to encourage people to help you in the way you need. Set up a survey and share the link on your social media, then offer something that fits into your business model. For example, you could offer a discount on a product you offer or a freebie.

  • Use infographics to generate a buzz

Infographics are the best way to explain information clearly and concisely. Designing an infographic gives you the ability to share information in a format that is easy to understand. They can be used to share statistics, patterns, trends, and timelines and it’s much more welcoming to read than a big block of text.

As automation has become popular on Instagram, you can also use online 3rd party infographic tools to share brilliant ideas. Most of the online tools let you do that task automatically, you just need to input some ideas.

Be sure to include your companies name and URL to be sure that your work is attributed to your business as it moves across the social sphere. To gain more traffic, you can also ask people that share your infographic to link the image back to your site. The infographic itself should include information that includes explanatory text that deep links to previous relevant articles you have published.

  • Geo-target the content you share

Geo-targeting is a really effective way to get your message across to a specific audience based on their location. Social channels like Facebook and Twitter can allow you to send out your posts and promoted adverts to specific countries, states, cities, and postal codes.

It is great for finding new local prospects and ensures you send out your content to the correct customer base for you. It’s difficult to get your voice heard on social media, but geo-targeting helps you to cut through the noise and find the conversions your content needs to be in. Facebook uses organic post targeting which gives you the tool without paying high advertising prices.

  • Tease your audience with links

When you are linking back to your blog posts or website, social media can allow you to generate excitement through a post. You can write teasers that encourage your audience to click through. Just an average post like – Read this post to find out how to use social media to boost your business – is okay, but it won’t create as much of a buzz as one like – Are you using social media correctly to boost your business? Find out here.

It is just as important to ensure the site they are clicking onto is full of informative information and a well-designed site. A digital design agency can help you to achieve this and can manage all of your content for you to ensure it is engaging and appealing.

Building your presence on social networks is important not only because they make for excellent content distributors, but search engines such as Google use social media shares to determine the usefulness of content to an audience, so social media presence can also positively affect search rankings.

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